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As I said, my very best styling friends Nio and John Sherwynn dressed me up for Bloggers United 4, and I was like a walking advertisement of their creations.  Without bias, I really love their clothes.  Nio made the dress I wore on day 2, which originally should be worn without a bra.  But I couldn’t be a walking scandal during Bloggers United so I opted to wear a Wacoal bandeau underneath.  It’s still pretty cool, though!  Nio styled my outfit with an equestrienne hat and a neon orange damask necklace to match my orange heels.  The tan I got from Pink Parlour was in perfect timing with the dress choice, because this was a skin-baring outfit.  You can see how even the coloring was–I miss my tan already!  More on that in a future post.

Alex Lapa wearing Nio Manzano

Skewed equestrienne hat: Roland Lirio / Shoes: Rosanna Pena / Dress and accessories: Nio Manzano
To order your own dress fitted to your measurements, drop Nio a line.  It has pocketssss!  And really quite lightweight (surprisingly, since it was kinda poufy, too).

dress by Nio Manzano

I love the back detail of this dress

necklace from Nio Manzano

We were also selling neon accessories at our booth

Alex Lapa. dress by Nio Manzano

Bloggers United 4

I don’t know if we’ve had this before, but I thought this looked really good. Neat and crisp typography.

Bloggers United 4

Bloggers United 4

Kira Ramirez shopping at Bloggers United 4

Kira wearing the vest I bought from Tin while rummaging through Divine Lee and Victor Basa’s racks

It seems that on Day 2, I had more photos of people and even more boring ones of myself rather than the goods.  But I actually scored a lot of things from other booths.  I hate it when that happens (since I feel like I’m just spending whatever I earned during the bazaar), but when you just can’t resist a good buy, then you can’t.  I managed to buy a “fur” vest from Tin Iglesias (which I actually call my Barbie hair vest because it looks like I scalped like a hundred blonde Barbie dolls), a comics graphic shirt from Aivan Magno, a colorful bowtie from Gelo who hosts BU, a really gorgeous quilted leather faux leather jacket from Bea Benedicto, an Alice in Wonderland necklace from Krissy, and a white dress from Kira.  I dropped by Paul’s booth and he also gave me freebies! Weeee, I love Paul!  I got some gorgeous sunnies from him and this body souffle that I now keep in my bag.  Really handy.

Nivea Angel Star Body Souffle

Alex Lapa and Paul Chuapoco

So Paul and I wanted a photo op.  He wanted to take off our IDs.  I didn’t mind much since the orange lanyard went with my outfit anyway, HAHA!

Paul Chuapoco and Alex Lapa at Bloggers United 4

I like Paul’s outfit!  The color combination of the khaki pants with the tan boots, cardigan and belt and the pop of color for the shirt?  It’s my kind of mix, too.

Paul Chuapoco and Marj Sia at Bloggers United 4

Paul again with Marj Sia (whom I’ve never been introduced to, actually haha! Bloggers just assume we all know each other and everyone makes chika even though some have never been formally introduced in person (and you’re kinda  stuck in that weird situation because you do actually know each other because you’ve heard/seen/read their blogs).

Bloggers United 4 with Tessie Singson

I’ve noticed this really chic lady from Day 1 of BU but I didn’t know who she was and I’m not the most PR person around.  On the morning of the second day, it wasn’t so much her outfit but her whole bearing that just seemed so fierce and fashionable to me.  And she was wearing really dark lipstick (not on the photo above, anymore, since I had this taken near the end of the day).  I gathered my courage, dragged John with me, and asked for a photo.  I really love Miss Tessie’s style!  Turns out, she’s the mom of JP Singson whom I should’ve met at the past Style Origin shows (because John said he worked with him before), but this was around the time I was separated from the styling team to attend to Ms. KC Concepcion during her X Factor tour in the provinces.  I wanted something from their booth but I forgot to go back for it.  I hope they’re still around on the next BU.

Bloggers United 4 with Tessie and JP Singson

You really meet the coolest people in Bloggers United


More blogger friends + Instagram snaps!

Kookie Buhain and Alex Lapa

The elusive Kookie Buhain!  I’m a huge fan of this girl.  Fashion bloggers come and go, but she’s the real deal for me.

Ava Te, Kira Ramirez, Alex Lapa

With booth neighbor and chic momma Ava Te and the ever present Kira Mae (my boothmate)

Bloggers United with Krissy Cruz

With another booth neighbor, Krissy!

With Bestie Konisis

And finally, with Bestie of The Capricious Club

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