The Reluctant Stylista

I first read about Prestige’s Wet/ Dry foundation from Kira’s review.  I’ve always liked Prestige as a brand, and I’ve probably bought more products there than any other brand in Beauty Bar.  However, I’ve never actually used anything other than liquid foundation or tinted moisturizer because I just don’t like powders in general.  Either I don’t like how they smell, or I think they get cakey.  Plus, I’ve always liked how natural liquid formulas blend into my skin, never mind the fact that I’m somewhere between oily and combination skin (so powders are actually recommended for me).

What got me thinking about powders lately is the unbelievable Manila heat this summer.  This is the worst heatwave I’ve experienced so far—make-up just literally slides off my face.  For the first time, I toyed with the idea of buying powder foundation if only to absorb excess oil.  Ellana Finishing Powder on top of my regular TM wasn’t cutting it anymore.  Even my Smashbox TM alone felt heavy in the heat, so I was already excited that I was going to have to replace it soon.

Unfortunately, I’ve gotten so busy the past few months that I’ve hardly had time to make a stop at the beauty counters.  Soon, it was the day before my cousin’s wedding.  I am one of her bridesmaids.  And I was panicking because I wanted to cover up, even for a bit (as I was also a bit conscious about my stressed out look of late)—but I didn’t even have a decent foundation.  I knew what I wanted to buy, though—I wanted Shiseido’s Dual Balancing Foundation.  I’d swipe some from my mom’s vanity whenever I was at my parents’, and I marveled at the fantastic coverage and the fact that it seemed so light and I was less oily.  So I spent my lunch break to sprint off to Greenbelt 5 (it was nearest my office) and stop over at Shiseido.  However, when I got there, I was shocked to be told that the darned thing actually costs P3150 (about $69)!  It wasn’t that it was so expensive—well, it is, but though I’m cheap with other beauty products, foundation/tinted moisturizers are just about the only thing I splurge on.  I was shocked because not too long ago, both my sister and mom bought this foundation for a little over P2000.  That was a bit too much of a price hike, and I didn’t want to buy it yet in case it was cheaper elsewhere.  But I didn’t really have time to look for anything else.  I did pass by on Beauty Bar on my way there, so I decided to drop in, remembering Prestige.  In my hurry, I really just picked up the Wet/Dry foundation on an impulse, got the darkest of the three shades (Light Cocoa) and plopped it on the counter to pay for it.

Here’s the thing.  Apparently, I’ve long been harboring the illusion of being morena.  And I learned that powder foundation is not like liquid foundation—if you get the wrong shade, it’s immediately obvious.  I’m rarely called mestiza, and I think I’m closer to morena, but the truth is, I’m really quite yellow.  Yes, yellow.  And it’s quite different from the regular Pinoy tan.  I got it from my mom, who’s often mistaken for Chinese.  I don’t look anything Chinese, and my yellowness isn’t noticeable unless you make me stand under strong fluorescent light or beside a real morena.  You know that color pick feature in cameras where they fade everything to black and white and only one color remains?  Someone took a picture of me color picking yellow, and my skin and the cup that I was holding (which, as you’ve guessed, was yellow) were the only things that were left in color.  So once I swiped the shade Light Cocoa, it was glaringly obvious that I was no cocoa.

Prestige Wet/Dry Powder Foundation

Anyway, it was a painful lesson learned.  I usually don’t like using testers at make-up counters because I think they’re unhygienic.  Plus, it’s easier for me to choose liquid foundation shades because I can always tell which one is mine without having to test it.  Well, as I’ve learned, it’s quite a different story for powder foundation.  It was my first time to buy one, and it was almost a complete failure.  I say almost because actually, Prestige Wet/Dry foundation is a great product.  I did end up using it to my cousin’s wedding because the coverage was pretty good.  It evened out my skin.  If I were naturally darker, it would’ve been perfect.  Of course I had to spread it all the way to my neck, even past my collar bone so it wouldn’t be obvious it was the wrong shade for me.  I also had to wear my hair down to cover some of my neck, back and shoulders, for areas I couldn’t get to.  My brother actually thought I went to the beach recently and that my tan looked “pantay”.

It’s pretty okay to use the foundation dry, but using it wet is loads better.  I actually liked my instant tan.  My recently retouched brown hair looks great with it—or at least I think so; I hope I’m not looking too ganguro.  The problem is that when I oil or I scratch my face absentmindedly, some of my real color comes seeping through.

Pros, in a nutshell:

  • Great coverage! I’d buy it again, only in the right shade.  I’m actually tempted to make a beach trip just for the tan so I can continue using this.
  • Light.  It’s just right for this weather.
  • Mirror.  I like that it’s under the powder case, so that it doesn’t get dusty from the powder.  I never actually use compact mirrors with powder/shadow because of that, so this is a first for me.  The mirror remains clear from make-up dust.
  • The price.  It’s just P500 ($11), possibly the cheapest I’ve ever spent on foundation.

Prestige Wet/Dry Powder foundation


  • Sponge is crap, but then again, what make-up compact includes any usable sponge or brush anyhow?
  • No SPF.  Not really a bad thing, but I’ve been so used to dual purpose products.  Yes, I’m lazy.

I’ll give it a 4 out of a 5, but I think I’ll have to buy the right shade first and see if it’s really that good.  So far, I love it, but I think I’ll have to give it up and hand it someone darker.

How it looks:

during Art & Aggie's wedding

During the wedding

Prestige Wet/Dry Foundation

Ugh. I have to get used to these self-portraits, don’t I?  There are hardly any pictures of myself in my own blog.  I’m not very good at them. I look like someone took my lunch money.  Sorry also for the lighting, my whole room is peach-colored.

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