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We dropped by adidas last week to buy a new pair of basketball shoes for my little brother. It was the first time that I inspected a pair of basketball shoes closely, and realized the difference in design from other types of sports shoes.  I’ve only always bought running shoes or trainers, because I used to be in track and field.  Then later on, I had kleats for flag football.  I gave up on basketball since I couldn’t really get myself to shoot the right way, so I never noticed until then that shoes for the sport are high cut.  When I asked the saleslady about it, she said it was especially important for basketball players to have shoes designed that way so that it protects the ankles, particularly the talus. Well she didn’t say the design protects the talus, but I tried to Google that part of the foot and I think that’s what she meant.  (So if any med student or professional out there reads this and I bungled it up, I’m supremely sorry for being a know-it-all. Please enlighten me what that part is).

I don’t care that I don’t play basketball.  I just decided that I like how it looks.

Luckily, I found out there are actually sneakers designed to look like basketball shoes for posers like me.

adidas Forum Mid Casual W

The adidas Mid Forum Casual for women is made “just for fun”, made after the original Forum basketball shoes.  These are more relaxed and casual, having cotton twill uppers and even the design is more playful than seriously sporty.  I like the candy pink accent and the polka-dot design.  Here’s another version of it with more of a color pop:

adidas Forum Mid Casual W

Hmm, I think I prefer this color, as I already have so many neutrals in my closet like gray, nude, black and white.  This is why I like color on my shoes.

adidas Top Ten High Sleek

I like this Top Ten Hi Sleek, too.  I seem to like the designs that were patterned after the old silhouettes.  This one was inspired by their iconic late 70s basketball shoes’ silhouette.

adidas Midiru Court Mid

adidas Midiru Court. This actually reminds me of little boy sneakers in the 80s for some reason.  It has that distinct retro look.

adidas Hikelander

You could either hate it or love it.  It’s a design that I think caters only to a few, but in my case, I love it.  It looks like space boots cartoon characters would wear (as I have no idea what real space boots look like, but it has that sci-fi feel to it).  I think Astroboy would wear it if he could change shoes.  According to adidas, adidas Hikelander is a modern take on a classic 90s urban boot and was inspired by the latest trends in Japan.  Huh.  Maybe that’s why I was thinking of Astroboy.

adidas NEO QT Hoops Mid Satin

adidas NEO QT Hoops Mid Satin. It’s a little bit too purple, but the satin textile will probably look great on an otherwise casual jeans and tee combination.

adidas Honey Hook

adidas Honey Hook. It doesn’t look as bulky as my desired basketball-inspired look, but the color is awesome!  Again, it’s 80s-inspired with vulcanized rubber outsoles and the hook lacing looks really cool.  I’ve never had anything that had hook lacing except for ice skates I rent at SM.

Now, the question is, are these available locally?  I certainly hope so and I’ll find out pretty soon.  Will update you on that!

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