The Reluctant Stylista

Would you believe I was still Christmas shopping 2 days ago?  I’m duty-bound to shop for family gifts this year (to little cousins) and though I accomplished most of it some time ago, I’m paranoid that I might not have gotten enough (yes I had a list, but then I began thinking the first batch of gifts I bought may be lackluster).  And so, in the midst of all this shopping frenzy, I want to pretend I’m able to buy things for myself.  If I did, it’d surely be these:

Nyx Lipstick

I received the very first lipstick of my own a few days ago during dinner with the POC girls, from Liz of Project Vanity?  And I’m already (sortof) slipping into my late twenties here.  Despite that fact, I’ve never used lipstick, at least not successfully nor willingly.  My lips are the really chappy and dry kind, and I hate that feeling of lipstick caking on my puckers.  I make do with lip stains, lip balms, lip pencils and very rare times, lip gloss.  No matter how much I exfoliate, they really will peel and chip, and I’ve gotten used to peeling the skin off all the way without even realizing I’m doing it. I envy girls with plump, unlined lips!

Well next year, I’m getting ready for a change.  And lipsticks are definitely going to be part of that equation.  I’ll try any color until I find my favorites and wear them regularly.  Of course, it’ll take some getting used to, and I need to learn how to apply them so that they won’t always need retouching.

Parisian wedges

Photo from

I want new wedges.  They don’t even have to be expensive, but they have to be stylish, so Parisian fits the bill.  Fortunately, they came out with deliciously chic new styles recently, and I want them in utilitarian colors.  Well, Parisian usually just makes them in black, white and neutrals after all.

Arianna - Bosquejo Bazaar

Risky Business - Bosquejo Bazaar

Io from Bosquejo

These are Arianna, Risky Business and Io from Bosquejo Bazaar.  I actually love everything in his Hardware collection!  They’re the kind of quirky accessories I’d love to pair up with up with simple, laidback outfits.  They’re one-of-a-kind and made of all sorts of knickknacks, which makes me lust after them more.  Wearing them would probably make me feel like a steampunk princess.

Mary Kay Oil Mattifier

Mary Kay Oil Mattifier!  It’s the best oil mattifier I’ve ever tried, and I haven’t had time to buy this for myself.  Once I use up my current mattifier, though, I’m definitely getting this one next year.

Nu Skin Tinted Moisturizer

I’ve always been a tinted moisturizer user up until this year.  Next year, when I finish up my Shiseido Dual Balancing Foundation, I’m going back to tinted moisturizer again and just reserve the foundation for special occasions.  This is my favorite TM because it’s super light, it’s great for the weather here and my oily/combination skin.

Paradigm Shift

I’ve always loved this tunic from Paradigm Shift.  Apart from the fact that I’ve been on the lookout for the perfect white shirts this year, I’m really loving plain tunics with lovely fabric.  This looks like it’s gonna fall nicely and would be easy to style with the right attitude.

Clothes steamer

I really want a new steamer that I can use for my styling gigs, if not for my own my clothes (we don’t have a flat iron, plus, half the time I live in a condo and I conserve space).  I’ve seen the handheld one that’s just about 1k in SM, but I don’t know how reliable that is.  I just want a portable clothes steamer that won’t easily rust and work on wrinkles like magic.

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