The Reluctant Stylista

Here are my adidas picks for the month of July:

For the dance studio

Dance is a frustration for me.  The only way I will dance willingly is when I’m inebriated–but that doesn’t stop me from wishing I wasn’t born with the moves of a wriggling toothpick.  Because of my job, I see ASAP Rocks live every week, and I’m particularly envious of the dancers who have their regular dance practice clothes during rehearsals and costume changes almost every 15 minutes.

adidas - moves

From left to right: VRV Colorful tank, black leather fingerless gloves, Clima Move short sleeve tee, VRV Revers bra, Fluid Trainer varsity, Clima 365 Knit Trend Capri

Ever since I’ve tried ClimaCool or anything labelled Clima from adidas, I’ve decided I’d wear nothing but, during my social jogging sessions (because I really only just jog if someone else is going to sweat it out with me. Which is weird, since I almost never talk to anyone while I jog, and I just listen to music the whole time anyway).  I’ve learned that while the ClimaCool tops do work wonders in keeping you from drowning in your own sweat, a good investment would be a bra that’s similarly made. Hence, I included the VRV Revers bra, so that my chest area next time will stay just as comfortably, relatively dry along with the rest of the ClimaCool-ed body parts.

For the gym

adidas gym

Women’s Supernova Sequence 4, Women’s Nova Graphic fitted tank, Women’s supernova shorts, Sennheiser HD 25-1-II by Originals, adlib SHB 2295php

Whether you’re on the treadmill or you’re a social jogger like me, these are all pretty good bets.  The shoes are lightweight and the socks are made for good cushioning and ventilation.  And did you know adidas sells headphones from one of the awesomest manufacturers of audio equipment?  I saw it while I was browsing in Park Square for new earphones for Pepper Potts. I want it!

adidas porsche design CL

I know it’s kinda weird but I like this, too.  I mean, it’s Porsche (even if I’m far from being a car nut, I know I love Porsche’s design)!

varsity jacket

I love this varsity jacket!  It actually looks cuter in person.  I can already imagine a Cheerios-inspired campus outfit.  Except of course, it’s been years since college…but who cares!  I’d wear it still.

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