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My idea for the shoot, or at least for the half of it, was high street styling on white background.  I was a little anxious about the white background because so many things could’ve gone wrong with it, but I’m very happy with how the pictures turned out.

Originally, I wanted our make-up artist to do some fierce tiger eyes.  But after the change of people in the team plus the fact that we had to focus on the clothes, I requested the new make-up artists to make a simple green smokey eye make-up for Miel and a purple smokey eye make-up for Sarah.  Besides, I don’t think the tiger eyes would’ve suited the gowns, and we really couldn’t afford to change make-up as pressed as we were for time.

For the first set, we shot Mae Aguinaldo’s gowns and dresses:

MESA Designer Wear - Yellow Jusi Shorts and Top

Model: Miel Nkanta
Gown by: Mae Aguinaldo
Make-up by: Fetz Serdena
Shoes and accessories: Stylist’s own

The photo above is a two-piece ensemble made out of yellow jusi. I bought the shoes long ago from Celine and I’ve never used it.  Thankfully, Miel is my size.  The bracelet is from Landmark and the large hoop, zircon-encrusted silver earrings were from a random tiangge in Glorietta.


MESA Designer Wear - Blue Gown

Model: Sarah Galaroza
Gown by: Mae Aguinaldo/MESA Designer Wear
Make-up: Leia Gutierrez

When well-lit, this gown’s color is really gorgeous.  It drapes beautifully and reminds me of an upside-down bluebell.


MESA Designer Wear - Yellow Jusi Gown

MESA Designer Wear - Yellow Jusi Gown

Yes, I know, I need a steamer. Badly. In fact, it’s already in my Christmas wishlist.

Anyhow, this is a yellow jusi gown with seashell detail and embellishments.  The white cocktail ring was something I bought from the Manila F.A.M.E. last month, and the bangle is from Landmark.


MESA Designer Wear - Green stripe dress

I bought the bracelets and earrings from my Quiapo trip and I “borrowed” the chain necklace (which was love at first sight) from my mom’s closet.  I don’t think I want to return it anymore, haha!  The floral patterned stockings were from What a Girl Wants.  The cocktail ring was from Manila F.A.M.E. as well.


And now for my favorite part of the shoot: Mae’s vests and the casual, high street looks!  The focus were really just the vests, as these are all Mae’s designs, but I’m pretty biased because I had free reign to style everything else that goes with them.  So yeah, everything but the vests were from my own closet.  Ego practically did a double take when Miel came out wearing the high-waisted skirt ensemble because I’ve worn that exact same outfit to work before. Haha!

(I’m just starting out so it’s not like I have a lot of other things to use that aren’t mine. Cut me some slack!)

MESA Designer Wear - Black Irregular Vest

MESA Designer Wear - Black Irregular Vest

All the bracelets were from my Quiapo trip again.  The high-waisted nautical shorts were from People are People.  The black, irregular vest is from MESA designer wear, of course.  I had a friend of mine buy the stockings from the States for me.  And if I remember correctly, those boots were from Janylin.

Miel’s hair is so fierce!  I love it, I love the whole vibe of this set.

MESA Designer Wear - Paisley Irregular Vest

Statement pearl bib necklace and cocktail ring from Manila F.A,M.E. again, and the bracelet is a really old Quiapo find.  The high-waisted skirt is from People are People.  Irregular paisley vest by Mae Aguinaldo.


MESA Designer Wear - Braided vest

MESA Designer Wear - Braided vest

MESA Designer Wear - Braided vest

The last article of clothing we shot from MESA was this pretty cool braided/knotted vest.  The necklace is from Mau Designs.  You can find that pinstripe pair of shorts in just about any tiangge in the mall that’s selling mall shorts.  And the inner top was actually my old leotard when I was still taking up ballet classes 13 years ago!  Also, I came to shoot with those 4.5 inch heels from Janylin, that’s why at that time of the shoot, I was walking around the studio barefoot.


So that’s it!  We want to thank everyone who came with us to the shoot including Neil, my trusty boyfriend-slash-assistant Paolo, my sister Bea and her other student Lei (as moral support for Miel, haha).

Everything you see in this page was shot by Ego Faylona (Neil had some shots, too, but I haven’t gotten around to editing them yet).  Make-up was done by Leia Gutierrez and Fetz Serdena.  Styling was done by yours truly, Alex Lapa, of course.  Models were Sarah Galaroza and Miel Nkanta.

We shot at The Living Room
Unit 2 Lumier Realty Building
285 P. Guevarra Street, San Juan City
Metro Manila, Philippines

Clothes were from Mae Aguinaldo
MESA Designer Wear

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