The Reluctant Stylista

One of the most important things about being a stylist is building your own accessories collection.  I’m glad I’m a female stylist because I can shop for things I actually like and will wear, and it can still be used for future styling gigs on models.

(photo above: animal print bangles for P200.00 each, available at Manila FAME International, SMX)

I was excited about yesterday’s class because we were going to Manila F.A.M.E. International, which only opens twice a year.  Today (October 18) is the only time they’re opening this to the public, from 11 AM to 4 PM. So you have to go!  I love the unique pieces featured in the exhibit, they’re all so beautiful. Paintings, furniture and many many art pieces that would really make you proud to say these are your kababayans’ works.  Shame I couldn’t take pictures, though, as they’re not really allowed in exhibits like these.

Of course my favorite part was where we could shop for accessories, but not everything’s for retail.  The most beautiful ones are available only in bulk, as they’re made for export.  And you can really see they’re export quality.

But of course, I was able to find things I like from those available for retail. And I can definitely say this is one of the best shopping trips I’ve had in a while.  Check out the loot:

Pearl and Lace bib necklace

Pearl and lace bib necklace, P300. Available at Manila F.A.M.E. International exhibit, World Trade Center.

Pearl and Lace bib necklace

Nice, no? I’d shop for more statement pieces, but I had a limited budget that day. I purposely did not withdraw money from the ATM, just brought an exact amount with me!

beads from Manila FAME International

I’ve been looking for chunky neckalces to use for an upcoming shoot with designer Mae Aguinaldo. I hope I can use this!  I’d wear it anyway even if I didn’t. It reminds me of the necklace from Inuyasha, the animated series.

This went for P270.

The Reluctant Stylista - cocktail rings

Cocktail rings! I loaded up on them. Prior to this I had none, and while I was planning a styling gig I realized I needed them. These retail for P200 each.

The Reluctant Stylista - walis rings

These rings are hands down my favorite of the lot. They go for P200 each, but if you buy 5, you get a discount. I had to stop myself from grabbing them all.

I call them Walis Rings because they have pieces of walis inside the resin. But they look so pretty! The aquamarine one especially looks like it came from the sea.

The brown one is set on dark wood, and the aquamarine is set on light wood.

See them when worn:

The Reluctant Stylista - walis rings

The Reluctant Stylista - walis rings

The Reluctant Stylista - walis rings

The Reluctant Stylista - walis rings

To know more about the Manila F.A.M.E. International, check out their website. They’re in two parts, one is in The World Trade Center and the other is at SMX.  There’s a free shuttle going to and from the places, though, so it shouldn’t be too hard to look around.  Again, today is the only time they’re open to the public, so GO!

The next F.A.M.E. International will be on April 14-17 and October 2010.


All photos were taken by Alexandra Lapa.

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