The Reluctant Stylista

So. A random thought came to me that day when I saw this skirt at the bottom of my closet.

“No one above 20 should be wearing pleated skirts anymore.”

Well, here’s to you, stupid random thought!

Besides, I just realized that this qualifies as an entry to Postura Project because I’m wearing two Filipino brands in this photo.  If you don’t know what Postura Project is yet, it’s this 30-day challenge to wear something Filipino everyday.  It’s a fantastic concept, and I’d love to be participate every single day as I’m sure I’m almost always wearing some local brand (I practically wear Oxygen everyday)–but I just can’t take outfit photos that often (or at least, not with a good cam)!  But we’ll forge on anyway, I might be able to pull it off.  And especially you young fashion enthusiasts who still have a lot more time on their hands, I urge you to give it a try.  Check out how Sarah Meier, David Guison, Arriane Serafico and Knox Balbastro of Project Postura do it.

So consider this my Day #1.

Make like a school girl

Top: People are People
Jacket: Robinsons Department Store
Skirt: Thrifted
Scarf: borrowed way back in college now it’s stuck with me
Satchel: Ichigo (Pinoy!)
Shoes: FAME (Pinoy!)

Make like a school girl
Pinocchio hung from my neck

Make like a school girl: Ichigo satchel

Striped satchel, a gift from a good friend

Make like a school girl

Faceshop curling mascara

Make like a school girl

Very cute pair of ballet oxfords from FAME, in green and beige.  They have really comfortable cushions and they’re lightweight, too.  The color is also quite unique; I glad I picked it even though it’s not a very safe option.  And usually, ballet flats look horrendous on my feet, but I also tried this pair again with pants and no stockings/socks and they looked okay. No hobbit feet!

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