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December is just a few days away, and I’m reminded that I’ve had this side undercut for almost a year.  Actually, I’ve been reminded several times because I’ve bumped into three, maybe four people now in conservative ‘ol Manila who sport the same cut and salons have been telling me it has been popular lately.

On a sidenote, because a friend asked in Facebook: yeah, I go to salons sometimes just to get my head shave.  What started out as getting my shave from my Dad or my brother on a twice monthly thing, turned out into once a month.  And there were times when I had to get the long part trimmed, too, so I’d go to a salon for it.  But my personal favorite is going to a barber’s, though I wasn’t brave enough to venture anywhere but Bruno’s at ATC and Glorietta.  This is because years ago, I expressed curiousity about getting haircuts from a barber and a guy friend of mine protested.  ”Don’t!” he practically pleaded.  ”The barbers is a sacred place; girls don’t just go there, okay?”

Alex Lapa Undercut

Wear your chopstick. (Fresh from Bruno’s Barbers)

But oh well.  Bruno’s nowadays even offer ladies’ haircuts, not that I’ve seen any other girl go inside there other than to wait for their sons, boyfriends or husbands to finish getting their haircuts. To give them credit, none of the patrons have ever stared–just the barbers themselves (so maybe the side cut isn’t as well-known as I thought. Then again, I may be the only one who goes to the barbers). Barbers give the nicest, smoothest shaves with their blades, and I like the fade.  Except maybe for my last one, when the barber thought it would be cool to give me a nice, long sideburn before I freaked out and practically ordered him to shave it clean. (Yes I still want to look like a girl.)


Alex Lapa Undercut

I did a few formal events with this hair, too. Who says it can’t be feminine?

Alex Lapa Undercut

I was maid-of-honor at my cousin Rae’s wedding. It had an old Hollywood 1930s theme, hence my chair’s label.

Alex Lapa Undercut

At the Philippine Fashion Ball, August 2012


Where were we?  Oh yes, the sidecut’s popularity.  Throw in Dara Park (2NE1) into the mix–you know how Pinoys love their K-Pop, so I’m not surprised it’s even more popular now.

Dara Park 2NE1 hair cut

Can you blame a girl for itching to do something new by 2013?  The problem is…what to do next?  After getting more than just a taste of the buzz cut, it’s like there’s no  growing back.  At least for now.  So my first instinct is to go after my original inspiration way back last year: do an Anya Ayoung-Chee.


Anya Ayoung-Chee undercut

But I’m still gathering the courage for it.  I’ve gotten fond of the way my curls pile wildly on one side of my face.  If I shave the other side off, it’ll be less fuller.  I’m gonna try and see how it looks when I hide that part of my hair, to imitate Anya’s long mohawk.

I think Rihanna’s looks good, too. Even though a lot of guys here sport similar mohawks, I rarely see a girl with it.  I might miss my long locks, though, if I do go for it.

Rihanna mohawk

Rihanna mohawk

The most likely is Anya’s style, as Rihanna’s looks a little tricky to maintain.  I may have to research how to go about something like that, especially when my hair’s curly-wavy.  I should also think up of a back up plan in case I end up really hating the long mohawk.

Natalie Portman buzz cut

Well, there’s your back up plan.


Then again, there’s also that other option to go for a wild hair color instead of shaving off more hair on my head.  Or while I figure out what to do next.  Suggestions?


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