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Here’s yet another reason to be envious of people living in Fort, Taguig: L!FE Yoga.

If it isn’t obvious from previous articles and my Instagram feed, my most favorite forms of exercise are Capoeira, closely followed by surfing. And this is exactly why I have so much respect and awe for yoga: I haven’t encountered a better workout for the body and so well-suited for cross-training with all kinds of sports that I love. It’s really the ideal core workout and you get the best conditioning! I’ve always felt a lot lighter and more limber in Capoeira class after a yoga session. I can’t stress how important it is to get your body well-conditioned for intense physical movements. I think of yoga as the oil that keeps the machine (your body) well maintained by toning and strengthening it, thereby reducing your chances of getting common athletic injuries as well. In fact, yoga has even helped with my wrist problems, which have been bothering me since I started Capoeira.

So if you’re looking for a new place to practice around the BGC area, check out the newly opened L!FE Yoga. Apart from the fabulous location at R205 Eight Forbestown Road BGC in Taguig (it’s in the building where there’s J. Co in the first floor. Hey, it’s a good test of willpower), I like that they also have a quaint healthy cafe where you can just chill before or after your session. I enjoyed my Rock ‘N Flow class, which borrows from traditional yoga poses and movements but incorporating a bit of modernity through the use of contemporary music. It’s a class taught in either heated or non-heated rooms.

Pro-tip: Before you start your session, please remember to inform your instructor if you have pain, injuries or a special condition (like if you’re pregnant). Instructors will usually adjust  the poses for each unique situation. However, some don’t remember to ask the class before it begins–please don’t feel pressured to follow every pose. Listen to your body, and if it tells you to rest, then do so.

Here are the rates at L!FE Yoga and their schedule for August:


Life Yoga August Schedule

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