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So a few months ago, I mentioned Leyende as one of the local organic brands that I faithfully patronize.  I have a couple of products that I buy from them regularly, such as the Face Canvas (moisturizer, which some people use as make-up base) and A Place in The Sun (sunblock).

Why do I like them?  Well for one thing, their products really caught my eye.  I used to be a full-time designer, and I still do graphics and layout from time to time, so I’m really appreciative when I encounter a well-thought out design.  Leyende is one such brand.  Their packaging is eye-catching because it’s minimalist but not rigidly so–there’s still a touch of whimsy in the layout and the wording, from labels to names and the whole copy for the product description.  Leyende stands out in a sea of overly made-up or designed beauty products on the shelves, and I find it perfect, because it’s somewhat symbolic of what the brands stand for.

Leyende La Dolce Natural Muscovado Sugar Exfoliant

You see, Leyende offers training and employment opportunities for disadvantaged women from International Justice Mission Manila and the Visayan Forum. People from their production staff are working toward their high school diplomas on a work-study program with School H.OU.S.E. (Helping Ourselves Through Sustainable Enterprise) Project, spearheaded by Krie Lopez, founder of Messy Bessy line of eco-friendly cleaning products.  Leyende products are lovingly handmade.

Noble causes aside, Leyende is one of the few true producers of quality natural and organic products locally. Mostly sourced internationally, their raw ingredients come from ECOCERT-accredited farms and companies. They do use local ingredients as well, such as ylang-ylang extract and infusions from the Ilocos region, organic virgin coconut oil, calamansi oil, pili nut oil from Bicol, muscovado sugar, and lemongrass extract from Gold in Grass Corporation.  So you see, Leyende stands for the good and pure, both in products and in their mission, and I find that very admirable.

Now on to La Dolce Natural Muscovado Sugar Exfoliant. As I said, I was already a fan of the brand, so when Claude Santos from Leyende let me try their newest facial product, I was quite the happy camper.  Exfoliating is one of the beauty steps that I don’t faithfully perform.  It was only time that I started addressing the dry patches on select areas on my face, having combination skin.

Don’t expect that this will be like your usual exfoliant creams or facial wash.  This is exactly what you would expect of a muscovado mixture, and I suggest taking a pinch at a time to apply to your face so you get a really good scrubbing.  La Dolce isn’t harsh nor does it grate against my skin.  What I like about it especially is its calamansi scent, because it smells fresh and clean.  Also, I imagine that the vitamin C from the calamansi helps brighten and freshen up skin that gets a daily dose of city pollution and stress.

What does Leyende say about their own product?

Why exfoliate?

- to slough off dead skin cells that build up in the outer layers of our skin
- promote better circulation to the areas exfoliated and expel toxins
- exfoliated skin absorbs nutrients better (alert: those who use expensive creams and serums; exfoliate your skin to get the most benefit out of your products!)
- tone the skin and improve appearance and elasticity of skin

So what’s so special about La Dolce facial exfoliant?

La Dolce’s muscovado sugar is rich in natural glycolic acid (crucial in maintaning youthful, glowing skin). This is the stuff used in most pricey spa and derma facials — all in a jar you can use safely at home!

Organic sweet almond oil – this oil is Ecocert-certified organic, meaning it passed the most rigorous standards for high quality just to be produced. It’s a great skin softener, and protects skin from overdrying.You’ll get a healthy and natural glow because we used real ground muscovado sugar instead of synthetic scrub components. Natural calamansi extract makes La Dolce extra special by evening out skin tone with regular use.

I like using La Dolce about once to two times a week, to get rid of the dead skin so that everything I put on my face after that adheres better.  This product retails for P250 and is available online or in Sesou (a stall in Glorietta and Trinoma that has all these organic and natural products, mostly local ones. I go to the one in Glorietta more often, it’s near Dorothy Perkins on the ground floor).

Leyende Dolce Vida Natural Muscovado Sugar Exfoliant

Leyende Dolce Vida Natural Muscovado Sugar Exfoliant

Leyende Dolce Vida Natural Muscovado Sugar Exfoliant

If you like Leyende, you might also be interested in their sale happening right now, which brings down their limited edition products for up to 20% off, just this week!  After 7 days, the Leyende products selling on the site will revert back to their original retail price, so I urge you to grab your Leyende favorites now.  If you’re buying in bulk, just contact them via to request for rebates or some promo code you can use to lessen the shipping fee.

Leyende in


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