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Kustie is a brand of natural bath and body products formulated in France and especially made for intense exfoliation and silky smoothness.  Well, it’s pretty easy to throw those words around, isn’t it?  With a whole slew of other similar products launching in the market recently, how does Kustie compare?

Kustie Body Scrub Jam

To begin with, I was curious about their scrub, since they also call it “jam”.  When I opened the tub, it literally looked and smelled like jam.  I picked out the honey and almond variant, because it seemed the most natural to me.

What I like:

Consistency. It’s thick, so I consider it very good for scrubbing.  It’s not runny, and it’s really like a jam.
Smells like honey. Not everything touted natural is natural.  This smelled like the real thing.  It might smell too strong for others, so I suggest using this at night before you sleep.
Exfoliates really well. It leaves you with a really clean and fresh feeling.  Trust that if you’ve got dead skin cells anywhere on your body, this will take care of it.
Moisturizes pretty well. You don’t feel like you have dry skin when you step out of the shower.

What I don’t like:

The granules are really big.  Actually, I’m not sure yet if this something negative, at least for me.  Because sometimes, I do enjoy a vigorous bath scrubbing with an intense exfoliant.  If you’re looking for that, Kustie is your best bet.  But if you’re looking for something milder, you ought to look elsewhere because Kustie has really big granules that don’t easily melt, either.

Now for the body butter.  I believe I was more impressed with this product.  I use body butter and body oil for moisturizing, and I must say this is one of the best butters I’ve come across with.

Kustie Body Butter

What I like:

Thick consistency. I like my butters thick, because it’s really good for moisturizing.  No drying skin here!  I recommend using this at night, again, because I think it locks in moisture really well and your body regenerates best while you rest.
Not greasy. Despite its consistency, it’s not greasy at all!
Silky finish. I think this is the only body butter I’ve used that has a finish this silky and soft.  I couldn’t stop touching my skin afterward, I really loved it!

What I don’t like:

Kustie Scrub Jam is FDA approved and is currently available at selected outelts of Watsons Malls, SM Beauty Department store, Robinsons Supermarket, Ever Gotesco department store, St Lucia and other major retail outlets.  There are other variants such as: strawberry, papaya, cucumber, coconut and apricot.

Price information:

Kustie facial scrub 200mL : 379.00
Kustie body scrub 200mL : 349.00
Kustie body scrub 450mL : 599.00
Kustie body butter 200mL : 299.00

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