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Aside from a good training/workout day, one of my favorite things in the world that makes me feel accomplished is (curiously enough) a spa day.  Maybe it’s because it’s the best kind of reward for a job well done or long weeks of work?  And who doesn’t love a good massage?

I’m always on the lookout for good spa places.  And because I shuttle through several different cities during the day, I found yet another haven for much needed R&R: Ki by Neo Day Spa in Greenhills, San Juan.

You may be one of those people who’ll get their quick massage fix when they can, but if you have a whole day to yourself, I assure you it won’t be wasted in an establishment like Neo Day Spa.  The place is lovely and relaxing–none of those distracting music, suspicious linens and cheap soap smell.  Once you enter Neo Day, it’s very zen, clean, minimalist.  Everything is easy on the senses.  And I especially love the ginger-scented bath products!  Sheets are clean and hygienic, and your towels and bathrobes are routinely replaced.

Ki by Neo Day Spa, Greenhills San Juan

Kira by the entrance of Ki

Ki by Neo Day Spa, Greenhills San Juan

Spacious and zen lobby

Ki by Neo Day Spa, Greenhills San Juan

Minamalist decors

Ki by Neo Day Spa, Greenhills San Juan

Common room

Ki by Neo Day Spa, Greenhills San Juan

Individual room (protected by plastic for scrubs)

Ki by Neo Day Spa, Greenhills San Juan

Wash area (showers are separate)

They have an awesome list of treatments that made it really hard for me to choose.  I love a good detox, but I also love aromatherapy and scrubs. Even the scrubs had their own purpose!  They even have reflexology, which is one of my favorite new forms of therapy!  So eventually, I decided to choose a spa ritual package, which had good combinations of scrubs and massages.  Take a look at their spa ritual selections:

HANAKASUMI NOURISHING RITUALP2000 (approx. 120 minutes)

Hanakasumi is the Japanese word for “cherry blossom mist” – the cherry blossom is the national flower of Japan. Inspired by Japanese traditionsfrom the Kamakura era, this luxurious Japanesemassage ritual is designed to melt away stress andawaken all five senses.We purify your skin using a brushing ritual focusedon the lymph nodes.A warm cherry blossom rice powder scrub isapplied to the whole body and a foot massage isperformed followed by the removal of the scrubwith soft exfoliating towels. The treatment then continues with a relaxing massage using body butter with Asian essences.


Inspired by the well being rituals of ancient cultures, The pampering ritual begins with the skins moothening Pearl Tranquility Scrub followed by 90 minutes of our ancient Japanese Qi Tranquility Massage.

CHAMPAGNE ANDROSEE INDULGENCE - P1,660 (approx. 120 minutes) scrub + 60 mins aromatherapy massage

I got the Pearl Tranquility Ritual Package because I was especially drawn to the descriptions of their Pearl Scrub because, save for my facial skin, I feel like I have problematic skin all over.  My back always needs a good scrub, and I always suffer from ingrown which causes dark spots and scarring.  Pearl extracts provides much-needed lightening.  And of course, I can’t let a spa day go by without a massage!  This ritual package comes with the Japanese Qi Tranquility massage, which sounds awesome for total relaxation.  Note: these prices below are for the individual treatments.

PEARL TRANQUILITY SCRUBP1,150 (approx. 60 minutes)

This unique scrub integrates ancient cultures within contemporary rituals by incorporating unique blends of essential oils and movements that imprint in the olfactory memory indelible traces of pleasure and well being. Containing ground pearls, ylang-ylang, mimosa, and jasmine-A luxurious symbol of beauty and richness in the Orient. Used for resistant and problematic complexions, the natural pearl extracts offer our skin an extraordinary glow.

QI TRANQUILITY MASSAGEP1, 180 (approx. 90 minutes)

The Japanese concept of harmony and well being focuses on the energy circulating in the body. Our Qi Tranquility Massage helps regulate the body’s energy flow, inducing profound relaxation and a sense of total well- being. This comes with the Japanese oshibori ritual.

They currently have three branches!  I haven’t been to the Fort branch yet, but I’m there more often so I think I’ll be dropping by soon.  Check them out!


Neo Day Spa – Bonifacio Global CityG/F
Net One Center, 26th St. corner 3rd Ave.,
Bonifacio Global City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel. (02) 8158233, 8156948

Ki by Neo Day Spa – Greenhills
35 Wilson Street, Greenhills West, San Juan,
Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel. (02) 5846789, 5846066

Neo Island Spa – BoracayPearl of the Pacific Beach Resort
Boracay Island, Aklan, Philippines
Tel. (036) 5063131


Good news!  You can now also avail of their services at home for Greenhills and Ortigas Center residens–with the works!  Music, massage bed and pillows included.  Too bad I’m not from the area, but I would totally book them at least once a month if I were!  It’s perfect if you want extra privacy or you’re just plain too lazy to go out.  What I love about home service is that you can snooze directly after your treatments and not have  a care in the world.

Ki by Neo Day Spa Home Service Greenhills, Ortigas Center

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