The Reluctant Stylista

Despite  friends describing my fashion as loud, colorful, bold and all the opposites of simple and minimalist, I think they’re just getting it confused with my personality.  (Yes, folks, introverts can be loud, colorful and bold  if the occasion calls for it.)  The truth is, fashion-wise, I stock up on a lot of safe neutrals.

I first noticed it when I had no time to pull out for a magazine shoot and decided to use whatever I had in my closets.  Unfortunately, most of the the shoot required close-up shots, which meant only the tops and accessories would be shown.  It was then that I realized I have very little colors and prints when it comes to tops.  My shorts, pants and shoes are usually the very shocking and obnoxious colored ones that make up my everyday outfit.  What I did have was a huge amount of plain tops in black, white, gray, nude, etcetera, that could be easily paired up in a blink of an eye.  I suppose I really don’t like over-thinking my clothes , especially at this age.

Top: Zara / Pants: Forever 21 / Shoes: H&M / Bag: LZD Fashion / Necklace: it was a gift but I think from H&M, too / Sunnies: Divisoria / Ring: Mango

This is the color palette I like playing with now.  I didn’t even realize that everything I was wearing matched when I stepped outside; I just had a hazy idea of the silhouette and look I wanted to wear that day.  I normally wear these individual pieces with other clothes.

Alex Lapa OOTD BGC - Keeping it Neutral

A photo from this set was also used for the final installment in Mina V. Esguerra’s Young and Scambitious series entitled Greedy and Gullible.  Check it out at!

Outfit photos for this OOTD by Louie Manay.

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