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Confession: I can’t stand men’s colognes. Okay, fine, I’m not a big fan of a lot of women’s perfumes, either.  I prefer scents that smell light, fresh, natural, or maybe food-like, since most of the scented lotions and oils I have are either coffee, chocolate, or vanilla-based. But I’m pretty sure some of you don’t find these to your taste (get it? Heh).

My point is, we all have our preferences. But when it comes to scents, I find that people universally agree on one thing: baby fresh smells best.

I have baby cologne in ALL my travel and workout bags and even in my car — because it’s light enough to wear during warm, sunny days when you know you might be sweating a bit (or a lot). It smells clean, like you just came out of the shower.  And fresh (I can’t say fresh enough times).

If you’re like me in that regard, then you’ll love this line from Belo: Belo Baby Cologne.

Belo Baby Cologne

Yup, the trusted Belo tradition of beauty and skincare has now extended to the wee ones. Which means great things for us big girls who shamelessly love using baby products for ourselves (it isn’t just cologne, I also stock up on baby shampoo, powder and insect repellant). See, it’s not just any run-of-the-mill formula–Belo Baby Cologne boasts of glycerin and chamomile-derived ingredients that are known to moisturize and soothe skin (read: non-drying!).  It’s absolutely free of parabens, phthalates and coloring agents and is dermatologist-tested hypoallergenic. Oh, and did I mention that it multi-tasks as a hand-sanitizer?  Anti-bacterial properties are the best for everyday wear because germs really are the cause of bad odor. So even at the end of a long day, you can confidently sidle up to your UV Express seatmate with a splash of this (on yourself, not on said seatmate).

It comes in three variants:

Cool Drizzle is the classic baby scent, which will remind you of beloved, kid-friendly fragrances of yore.  It’s my personal favorite among the three.
Happy Tickle is a bit fruity — the kind of cologne you’d wear to perk yourself up.
Sweet Snuggle is aptly-named, as I find it to be the sweetest scent among the three. It’s really quite floral and girly.

If you don’t know what your favorite Belo Baby Cologne is yet, find out more at their website! Check out what new things are brewing at Belo Baby and take advantage of the Lazada sale with the three variants for P199.

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