The Reluctant Stylista

Ang laki pala ng hips mo,” was the first thing that our photographer (the one who took this photo below) said to me once he noticed I was uncharacteristically in jeans. But I don’t mind the comment. Like Shakira, I’m actually pretty proud of hips that don’t lie. And as a kid, one of my nicknames was Jollibee. So no, this wasn’t the result of my beer-guzzling and kansi-overloading ways–the booty has always been there.

Alex-Lapa Dare-to-Denim photo by Mj Suayan

Don’t ask me why I’m looking up, I don’t know either. What is with this spaced out face?


And it’s very evident in skinny jeans, which I rarely wear for the past year or so. Nothing like embracing your curves with this one! I’m often described as skinny but I don’t think it’s completely accurate to describe my body type as I think I have more contours (including muscles) than the average stick. But I’m not exactly curvy, either–if my washboard chest has anything to say about it. Is there such a thing as skinny-curvy?

Since SM Woman’s “Dare to Denim” campaign launched, my love affair for denim jeans in particular has been rekindled. After all, there will always be the perfect jeans for every girl–whatever her size or shape may be. So maybe after a year or two without jeans, I now have these distressed skinny pants, jogger pants and denim jumpsuit all from SM Woman. And I’m definitely loving all the different looks these pieces give me! This one I’m wearing above is in a light wash (which used to be the last shade I would wear for myself) with distressed details and a very stretchy, comfortable fit. I wanted to keep my look simple that day because I had to style for a shoot, so I chose to wear it with a white tank top from Uniqlo (which I will definitely buy more of since they’re so comfortable and I don’t have to wear a bra), PVC leather jacket from Zalora, a necklace from Forever 21, rings from Mango, a belt I nicked from my mom’s closet and soft leather flats from Menina Step. All in all, I think it’s one of my more approachable looks. If you ask me, I think all my outfits are approachable, but I don’t think even my nerdy sister can find fault with this one. I’m wearing flats, for one (cue in shocked gasps from all around) and jeans plus a cover up (for you Filipinas who hate showing off your braso de mercedes). It’s a very commute-friendly look.

That’s my styling kit I’m carrying there, not my day bag. If you’re curious about the contents, here they are:


My survival kit for the day (the abbreviated version, as it was a simple shoot): masking tape, double tape, nipple tape, scissors, lint remover, backstage access IDs (leftovers from the last show), different kinds of stain removers, thread, pins, needles, pens, sticky notes, bull clips (I need a new pack as I’ve destroyed two boxes worth and these are all I have left) and linen spray (while you don’t need to dry clean every piece of item you pull out, it’s just polite to keep all the clothes smelling fresh).


Random receipts and notes end up in my styling kit, too. I forgot which designer wrote this up but thank you for reminding your assistant of my gender. I myself am not sure sometimes.


Here’s a dramatic parting shot taken inside our studio for that day. Ciao!

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