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I thought I had a slew of updates in line–but then I got too busy with work and when I finally had time, I had to get my laptop AND desktop fixed.  After the long holiday, of course (I wanted to be elsewhere without a laptop or else I won’t get any socializing and brainstorming done).

But now that I’m back, I’m excited to share my newest haunt for sole lovin’–Posturang Pinay Manila.

I LOVE shoes.  In this, I am abashedly very female.  I especially love high heels, although I concede to the wisdom of getting some low heels now.  PPM is perfect because they’re actually pretty known for their kitten heels.  I almost never wear kitten heels, but you’d change your mind, too, if you saw their designs.  I actually shop for shoes everywhere–online, when I’m in the mall or out of the town/country.  But I always, always patronize local independent fashion brands.   I’m supportive of 100% Philippine-made products, and I like independent brands because the designs are always on a limited run.  You’re unlikely to run into shoe twins out there.


Posturang Pinay Manila - Alex Lapa

Posturang Pinay Manila - Alex Lapa

Aztec bustier (swimwear used as top): Better Than Borrowed

Posturang Pinay Manila - Alex Lapa

Scarf: Landmark / Shorts: Forever 21

Alex & Ani bracelet Om

Charm bracelet from Alex & Ani. It’s the “Om” charm–I recently got into yoga for strengthening and cross-training with Capoeira.  More on that soon!

Posturang Pinay Manila - 100% Filipino Made Shoes

PPM shoes are usually low-heeled, but this is one of their higher ones.  Of course I had to get a pair of these!  As you can see, I love similar patterns–my Aztec top has similar markings and colors.  What I like about PPM is they use  pure leather for the insoles to allow the feet to breathe.  I have an unfortunate case of sweaty feet, so it’s a huge plus for me.

I wore kitten heels from PPM, too, and took photos for posterity (will be uploading those soon, too).  My friends were weirded out that I’d be wearing anything below 4″ that’s not for working out or training, but they ARE pretty.


Photos by Nio Manzano.

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