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It’s been a while, eh?  If there’s one thing I have trouble with, it’s starting.  With anything.  I know the new year should start with a bang, and that’s why I don’t have anything epic to share right now.  There’s already plenty of that going around the blogosphere and I can’t think of anything to top those.  Plus, I’ve been mostly sick during the holidays so all the product reviews waiting to be written have taken a back seat for now.

So let me start with something simple.  An outfit post.  I wore this to a meeting with designers in Greenbelt a while ago, mostly because it’s the only decent thing I have left in my closet (laundry again!).

I spent part of my House of Vanita gcs on this corset.  It was modeled by Hannah during the show, and though she had beaten me to the pick, I knew instantly when I saw it that it was the one I’d get for myself.  The light blue corset I modeled that night fit me much better (I had major boobs with that one!), but this Luna corset in black and white can be worn as outerwear.  Even if it’s a little ill-fitting on top (and yes it’s the right size).  Also, major points because it looks like Cherie Currie’s infamous corset during her Runaways days.

Inner wear as outer wear

Blazer – Knickknacks Galore
Luna corset – House of Vanita
Necklace – Annie Sez
Jeans – Jag
Rings – Wellmansons

Inner wear as outer wear

Inner wear as outer wear

Inner wear as outer wear

Corset from House of Vanita

Cat and mouse ring from Wellmansons

Ring from Wellmansons

I bought this ring for a tweeny-girly photoshoot and meant to give it to one of my younger cousins after, but I developed a weird attachment for this uber tweetums pink ring.  Since I’m trying pink lip colors, I thought I might as well go for more Barbie pink stuff.

The necklace I wore mostly to cover up more of my chest (even if I’m not that blessed).  Leaving it totally bare, even with my flatness, can be distracting to others.  But mostly to prudish significant others.

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