The Reluctant Stylista

Last night, I went to two events: first, the launch of Ice Watch in Greenhills (more on that soon) and second, Glitterati in Members Only at The Fort.  And I don’t know what it was exactly, that rained on my parade. 

Was it because I was standing from 6pm to 12am in heels, with no breaks whatsoever except for the cab rides and the time I spent inside the ladies’ room in Members Only just to sit down? As in I really excused myself from our table just to hang out in the CR.  I just wanted to sit down, not even to use the loo or to fix my drenched self.

Was it because we were not informed we couldn’t use full amount of the play money provided for us in Ice Watch when it came to buying the watches (apparently they could only be used that way on the auction, so we ended up cashing out when we decided to buy watches).

Was it because we (my sister, Gem–a former POC writer–and I) spent an hour and a half in Greenhills trying to get a cab in the heavy downpour, getting soaked and walking from Missouri to the main street? This is included in the 6-hours total of me standing. In heels.

Oh, did I mention I was healing from an ingrown-afflicted toe?

Was it because I spent more time on my makeup than usual only to get to the Glitterati event like a haggard, old-fashioned chick?

See, I’m not a clubbing person.  And Glitterati, as you know, caters to the sexy, partying young things.  My experience with clubs are..well, not exactly limited, but I’ve been to gay bars more often than regular ones.  And I tried, but it’s never been my scene.  Once I was berated by my friends because I absently pulled out a book from my bag to start reading while we were inside a dance club (it was sort of lighted at our table).  And when I say gay clubs, I don’t mean that lesbians hang out there, too.  Thus, my other friend Leia and I back in college were treated like we didn’t exist.  No, I don’t mean that we were ignored.  Ignored is too mild a word; it was like we were invisible and people really just looked right through us.

Suffice it to say I have no clubbing clothes whatsoever.  I suppose if I cared to look hard enough through the combined female wardrobes at home I could come up with something decent.  In the end, I dressed like Holly Golightly who was trying to fit in Lady Gaga’s party.  I had to think of the cocktail event at Ice Watch, of course, and both events were just right after the other so there was no time to change.

I was somewhat disappointed at how the night went; I was too tired by the time I got to Members Only so I couldn’t socialize outside our table which had Lauren, Marco, Liz, Nikki and Rica.  I saw other fashion bloggers there but I could only stare at them in mute ummm..exhaustion I suppose.  I spied Kookie B (modeling that night!), Pax, Karl and Mike.  If I failed to mention someone who saw the sulky, wet, old-fashioned chick pretending to wait for someone to come out of the cubicle but actually just wanting to sit on the stool by the sink, I’m really sorry. I hope I attend the next fashion event with more pep in me.

Pardon the pictures.  I took these after I got home, and I was terribly tired, I was drenched, my feet hurt, and I felt like I’m too old to tackle all-night events.  The only thing that hung on was my eye makeup, I think, so thank you Urban Decay Potion Primer.  The night didn’t pan out as expected, but I figured I should at least get an OOTD out of it so it wouldn’t seem like a total waste. Even if I felt like I was too retro for Members Only, at least Lauren and Liz seemed appreciative of my lace dress that managed to even snag a spring notebook. And several other stuff.

Reluctant Stylista - at the Ice Watch and Glitterati event

Reluctant Stylista - at the Ice Watch and Glitterati event

Reluctant Stylista - at the Ice Watch and Glitterati event

Dress – What a Girl Wants (thank God they’re now in Manila)
Stockings – Kate Torralba
Shoes – Melissa Vivienne Westwood
Accessories – Forever 21, Landmark, Wellmanson’s

I like this dress because everyone keeps saying I lost weight and this hides it.  But I think you could either be too thin or chunking up and this dress will hide it nicely.

The attempt on wingtips with Revlon liquid eyeliner:

wingtip eyeliner

wingtip eyeliner

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