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I’ve bought several more Nyx round lipsticks since I got to try them a few months ago (you can read my review of shades Thalia and Paris).  I think I’m stopping for now, though, since I’m pretty much covered in all the shades I’m interested in, except maybe for Pumpkin Pie.  But it doesn’t matter since I’m really enjoying my current favorite of the lot: Nyx Louisiana.  I think I just found my perfect pink.

Louisiana is a pretty bright pink, nearing the shades of magenta and fuchsia.  It’s definitely not a conservative shade, but I find myself wearing it almost every time I go out.  I’ve gotten so attached to it that I feel naked without it. When I have a statement-making pink lip, I get lazy with the rest of my make-up and just fix my brows and put on eyeliner.  Sometimes, I don’t even wear foundation anymore (as you’ll see in the following photos).  This kind of pink says it all.  It’s the first time I’ve treated any kind of make-up as a major accessory to my whole look/outfit.

I normally blot my lipstick, but it looks nice and shiny when I don’t.  Of course, it lasts only until I start eating.  So this is what it looks like (this had indoor lighting, without flash):

Nyx Louisiana

See how bright it is?  (I am obsessed with the Runaways, hence the book. It’s the memoirs of Cherie Curie, who was played by Dakota Fanning in the movie.)

At the PFW shoot - Nyx Louisiana

Hamming it up with Nio, projecting our own tiger look, haha!  (Grabbed those two photos again from Nio, who I dragged along to a styling gig for Philippine Fashion Week.)

And this is how it looks after eating, no retouching (sorry for the labandera looks, these were taken during another styling gig and it was really hot and we were all sweating like pigs).

Nyx Louisiana

Some swatching (note that I have a warm skin tone, which is more yellow than brown):

Nyx pink lipsticks swatch - indoor lighting

Swatch indoors

Nyx pink lipsticks swatch - outdoors


Nyx pink lipsticks swatch - with flash

With flash

If you like your pink on the shocking, vibrant side, then Louisiana is for you.  I’m definitely loving it.  If you want something more toned down, then you might want to try Fig.  I’d recommend the shades Thalia (pinkish brown), Tea Rose (fleshy pink that’s closer to my lip color) and Fig as the safest lip colors you can try for everyday use.

Something to remember about Nyx round lipsticks: they’re really creamy and soft.  So try to keep them in a cool place.  I haven’t had any trouble with them up until recently, I guess since the weather turned warmer.  They’ve leaned slightly against the case so that they grate against the side when I slide it up.  It happened to my Electra lipstick, which is a really mean red.  Fortunately, it’s easier with a lip brush anyway since it’s so very red that you’d have to be extra careful in applying it.

I find that swiping on some lip balm then patting foundation over my lips before putting on the lipstick is the best trick that has worked so far in prolonging my Nyx color.  I have very dry lips, but this hasn’t dried and cracked my lips despite the layers.  Yeah, I’ve now skipped the lip liner entirely.  Balm-foundation-lipstick works better for me.

You can score cheap Nyx round lipsticks at Digital Traincase and Carefreeshopper.  They’re P160 each unless they’re on sale or there’s a promo.  I buy from either one, depending on the availability of the shades that I want since they both have the same price.  Digital Traincase has cheaper shipping, though, but I was also pleasantly surprised that Carefreeshopper shipped my lipsticks in a box.  They’re both reliable sellers.

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