The Reluctant Stylista

I remember a certain incident back in college when I came out of the restrooms and I had unknowingly tucked the end of my skirt in my underwear.  Fortunately for me, it was quite early and not many students were around, and it was another girl who brought it to my attention.  I wasn’t as embarrassed as I was when I had unknowingly flashed commuters with my red Victoria’s [not so] Secret while waiting for a jeepney ride with my fly open.  Then again, if that girl hadn’t stopped me in time, I might have gone into that extremely important and quite dignified affair involving then President Arroyo and other VIPs flashing everyone with my cotton panties that read in printed, flaming letters, “HOT!” (an idea of a funny Christmas gift I received from some of my friends).

Moral of the story?  Never wear intimates that you’d be ashamed of, in case you flash someone unintentionally.  And in your long life, or at the end of it, you know you eventually will, so it’s best to be prepared.  I remember reading in Geisha by Liza Dalby that once upon a time, several women in Japan died from a housefire despite the fact that there was a safety net waiting for them at the foot of the building.  The reason?  They didn’t want to flash anyone, jumping down from that height, with people staring up at them.  This was before modern panties were used in Japan, so I suppose you can’t totally blame them for hesitating.

But if I they did have gorgeous knickers on, that might not have been a problem.  For myself, since that fateful college day, I have learned my lesson.  I try not to be a posessor of lola panties if I can help it, at least not if I’m going out.  I’m still building up my collection so that every piece of underwear in my closet has a matching piece–though it’s harder than it sounds.  Last week, I added some few more gorgeous sets to my collection, care of House of Vanita.

I already knew the first thing I’d grab from Vanita–it was that black and white concoction that Hannah modeled at the fashion show.

This is called Luna from the Donna collection. It’s P3,200 for the bustier.  The matching briefs was P600.

It can be attached to garters. I just have no idea how.

I saw this on the rack, but I didn’t realize how gorgeous it really was until I tried it on.  It’s dark, and sexy and with a hint of saloon.  I love it.

This is called Contessa. P1400 for the bra and P800 for the briefs.

This is Nicoletta, from the Fiore collection.  I picked this one because it reminds me of raspberries.  It looks delicious.  It also comes in navy blue, but I preferred something that looks sweet since I don’t have much of those.

I think I’m definitely going back for the light blue corset I wore at their fashion show last October.  It was gorgeous, and it fit me perfectly!  Even better than Luna, but I opted for the latter because I imagine it can also be for outerwear.

I urge you, as does the House of Vanita, to ditch the granny undies and go for lovely skivvies!  Every woman deserves at least ONE in her wardrobe.  I’m already a member of Club Vanita, and it affords me some amazing discounts until November 30.  You ought to join as well, by following this link, so the good people of Vanita will know who referred you.  To friends, let me know if you decide to drop by Vanita, I might be able to help you choose (that’s always fun)!

Sign up now and complete your Club Vanita membership by doing the following:

  1. Register through my link
  2. Purchase at least one set of lingerie from Vanita
  3. Confirm your membership through e-mail

House of Vanita is available at their boutique in Makati:

Vanita` Penthouse / 19thF Citibank Center
Paseo de Roxas
Makati City

(Just hop onto the elevator to the 18th floor then go left to take the mini staircase to the suite).

If you don’t fancy going to Citibank Center in Makati, House of Vanita delivers nationwide.

Club Vanita - Join now!

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