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I always look forward to Halloween.  In fact, I consider it my favorite holiday, but only during the times I’ve decided to dress for the occasion.

I was all set to attend the Cream Halloween Ball this year with a couple of college friends I haven’t seen in a while, but the idea was eventually scrapped out just now, a few days before the actual event.  The theme was Alice in Wonderland, and I would’ve gone as a the White Rabbit had I completed my costume.  I quite enjoy costume parties, actually, they’re my favorite kind.  Deep down in my geeky heart, I think I’d rather enjoy doing a cosplay and I don’t know why I’ve never tried doing one.  It should be in my bucket list.

I think I’ll be having different plans for Friday night, as I still intend to enjoy Halloween, but going out in costume may not be part of the agenda anymore.  We’ll see.  I had this mad idea to tell my friends we should all dress up in our high school uniforms and wreck havoc down south, but I don’t think they’ll be up for it. LOL.

Meanwhile, I’ll share with you some Halloween parties I quite enjoyed in the past years.

Internal Team goes 300

This photo never fails to crack me up.  I used to work at The Design People, and Halloween was a pretty big event then, sometimes even better than our Christmas parties.  You have a dozen of creative teams to compete for costumes and there were always good prizes at stake (although most people’s favorite was the free food and booze part).  In this photo above, we went with the theme of 300 even though our Creative Director was joking it was more like Jesus Christ Superstar, hahaha.  And do you know why that guy on the rightmost is all bundled up in his red cape?  He was the only guy in the team we could convince to ditch the shirt.  I personally drew fake abs on him.  For the other guys, we were sure they were gonna be whiny so produced shirts with drawn up abs on them.  And besides, we had AC, we didn’t want them getting sick just because they were shirtless!  For the girls, we just bought yards of jersey and some gold ribbons.  Our costumes were really just held up by safety pins and Christmas ribbons.  We actually won for most innovative team costume.

Camille as Tinkerbell

This was my schoolmate and eventually officemate Camille who’s in Singapore now.  She was Tinkerbell, the bartender that day.  The photos above were taken in 2007.


Louie as Joker

Louie as Joker

In 2008, the design department went all out for the costume contest.  I was also a part of the design department, but I had my own separate team and decided to go with them instead, so I wasn’t in clown costume.  Obviously, their theme was Joker.  Though all of them were dressed as clowns, it was Louie who was really made into Joker, and obviously, as you can see in the photos above, he fit the bill.  Scary, no?

Louie as The Joker

He also won for Best Male Costume.  The votes were unanimous!

Jokers with Batman

We had a habit of trooping to Megamall during Halloween for lunch, and because we’re in such a big group, no one is shy.  Look how our Jokers found a wee Batman for a photo-op.


Alex as The Marionette

Our team went with a carnival theme.  Because I was also going out with friends for drinks later, and we all agreed to be in costume, too, I had to be in something that could also work then.  So I went as a marionette, complete with puppet strings.

When I met up with my college friends in the evening, our theme was to look like Mafia.  We figured it was a safe bet if we wanted to go around Makati and not be stared at for too long while still being in costume.

I traded the puppet strings for a plastic Airsoft gun.  Do you know how rare it is to find plastic toy guns now?  They’re practically banned everywhere.  So no one else had toy guns to show that night except for Prech (who also had an airsoft gun), I was just lucky I was able to borrow this from an officemate.  I kept getting stopped for inspection at mall entrances and such, though!

Mafia theme

stripey legs and ribboned boots

I miss those shoes I bought from Celine. :(

the rest of the gang

the rest of the gang

We ate at John and Yoko in Greenbelt 5 then, and we were all dressed like this.


The room looks part of the theme but this is actually just a videoke room.  You wouldn’t think we were just singing Backstreet Boys and M2M (Mirror, Mirror is a favorite videoke song of mine).

in every costume party...

In every costume party, there’s always someone who’s KJ.  In our group, that’s Clifford, so here, he’s in big trouble.


I’m pretty sure lots of you have plans this Halloween, too.  What are you dressing up as? :D

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