The Reluctant Stylista

My mom saw the photos I posted of myself in the last blog entry and told me that I’m basically skin, bones and HAIR (her exact words were “Payatot kong anak na puro buhok”. Ironically, I got my hair from her only mine has 3x the volume).  I have so much hair at this point.  Truth is, I’m trying to grow it long, and I know it doesn’t look it but it’s waist-level.  Since my hair is springy, no one can tell unless it’s wet.  It doesn’t seem like it’s growing longer, though, only more voluminous!

Actually, I’ve been using my Beyond Bath Organics set, which is grapefruit, and it’s for volumizing.  I know, I know, I should’ve gotten something else, but I normally don’t believe in specialized shampoos for volume or normal to dry hair and such, I just use anything (but especially if it’s organic).  I don’t even use one especially for color, even though I have color-treated hair.  So I guess after this experience, I can say Beyond Bath volumizing really works.  Or yes, maybe my hair has just too much life of its own.

Can anyone suggest a shampoo/conditioner that can tame the frizz but not kill the volume completely?  Just tone it down a bit.  I used to overcondition (or so I think) my hair that sometimes it ends up too limp.  Or maybe it’s time to get a haircut, even though it’s never been a solution to minimize my hair’s volume in the past.

You know that my best hair is actually when I wake up?  I wish there’d be a product that makes my hair looks like this after I shower:


Reluctant Stylista - bed hair

Reluctant Stylista - bed hair

This is my bed hair, unless I slept with my hair wet, then I wake up looking differently (think aswang). See, I couldn’t even include my face in the photos ’cause I don’t want anyone seeing my morning face, hahaha!

I think it looks nice, but the problem with this is that when I take a shower, it’s gone.  Basically, it’s the oil my scalp produced overnight that makes it look like this so it’s definitely not a product I’d see in the market.

True story: on the day I was to get my college graduation photo taken, I showered, combed and dried my hair, then took a nap because I knew my hair needed its own beauty sleep. The hairdresser at the photo studio couldn’t believe the curls were natural. xD

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