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Blog author’s note: Our last guest post for this blog was met with great feedback, that I wondered if I could approach someone to do another one.  Preferrably a non-blogger whom I feel could contribute a lot of interesting information yet unheard and offer a different point-of-view.  Camy Francisco, designer and WeWillDoodler, was an obvious choice.  She’s creative, bubbly, unbelievably perky and also quite fashionable–in fact, I’ve often nagged her to put up a fashion blog and update it regularly, as she has so many things to say.  I met her while I was still working for a webdesign firm some years ago, and I’ve always loved her style of dress.  The funny thing is how we gush and rave over the same things–a designer, shoes, accessories–but our styles were so different!  You’re about to find out how much so, as she talks about her personal style and going back to basics.

Alex asked me to guest blog and I happily (I stress HAPPILY) accept for two reasons: One, because it’s been a while since I properly blogged. And two, Alex is a friend and I am honored that she trusted me (and my use of wordy words) to write in her award-winning blog. (Uyy ^_^)

Right. Let’s get down to business.

3 or so years ago, I was into graphic tees, flip flops, jeans and track jackets. I was also into lots of color, bright ones even. It matched my ‘bright’ hair back then, when it was close to blonde. My fashion of choice were Tokidoki, Havaianas and adidas.


You know, like this:


Past wear

Don’t get me wrong ha, Tokidoki and adidas are still LOVE.

I still do wear them, but not as rampant as it was 3 years ago. Only when laziness hits (which happens like, 70% of the time).

Even going out is also becoming a rarity, since I recently started a Work-From-Home Job (yippee). So most of the said stuff I used to wear as my ‘gimmick’ clothes, became house-wear.

Now, in times when I DO GO OUT (here’s where the remaining 30% goes). I try to make an effort, as all women do. But I am not much into trends, nor I feel the need to be ‘in’ trend. But I wanted to be comfortable, fuss free, versatile and easy. And let’s not forget, stylish.

So I gravitate towards the basics. And I go from there. Perhaps you may have heard it around more often, the term BASIC.


Here’s a few:

The BASIC White/Black/Gray Tee
The BASIC Pair of Jeans
The BASIC LBD (Little Black Dress)
…and so on and so forth.


So what’s the big deal about “Basic”?


Basics are usually plain, sticking to ‘safe’ colors like black, white or gray. They are made of light or heavy materials, depending on the weather. It can have different shapes or cuts, so there is variety.

The best part about the basics is that you can wear or use it over and over again. The greatest challenge is changing it up every single time.

There are a lot of ways to do it. But from my experience, I maximize (more like overused) a few tips I got from different sources. And yes, some of these tips are from my fashion-loving fiancée. Who also inspired me to dress up beyond those track jackets and flip flops. (Thanks Love.)

And because sharing is caring (though I am sure you guys may have encountered these tips from time to time)…….

Here you go.


Statement necklaces


1. Pair with A Statement Necklace - Your choice to go big and chunky, striking and avantgardeor delicate and fine, a statement necklace can spice up an outfit consisted of basics. It can be your conversation starter and an ice breaker. It can make you feel confident, unique and one of a kind. Pick a statement necklace that both speaks to you and to your personality (very important).


Blazers and cardigans


2. Layer up with a Nice Tailored Blazer or a Comfy Cardigan–You can either go slouchy or super tailored. Tropical weather be damned, this is helpful when you want to look insta-chic and stylish, even wearing a pair of jeans. And it would keep you warm inside chilly restaurants and malls.




3. A well made Embellished Belt (Thin or Chunky) - there is something sleek and proper about having a belt. It can jazz up a plain dress or hold up your trousers without worrying about your behind being exposed. Because there is nothing worse than having your underwear (or **le gasp** your alkansya) be seen by everybody.Plus, it tucks ‘that little bit’ in…if you’re not into wearing spanx or those body shapers suits. How is that for extra security?



4. Scarves -Like the statement necklace, it can define your personality by how you wear it.Tie it around your head as an instant headband or turban, wrapping around your waist as an impromptu belt or just simply around your neck, keeping the chills away.




5. A Stylish Bag – You gotta put your stuff somewhere, and a bag that also speaks your personality can add another notch of awesomeness into a basic ensemble.


Now these are just a few of these tips I used over the years. And by far, they have never failed. It is always about investing on pieces that you can carry, and would act as an extension of your personality. One doesn’t have to spend too much or too little just to stand out. It can be a mix of high and low, and it is up to you how to make it work.

Whether you are a minimalist or a maximalist, the basics can act as a canvas you can play around and experiment.

And as years progressed, taste and preferences changes. In fact, your whole spectrum about fashion could changequick as a flash. Simple as that. Could be the age, could be the mindset, or a phase. Either way, change is inevitable. Change is the only thing constant in this world. But you have the basics to fall back on and you can start again. *True Story.

Establish a style that you know you can adapt to easily and you can be truly comfortable inside and out. One that is truly yours and can carry over time.

Yes, it sounds like formula. But it is tried and tested. Even Coco Chanel said so.

In this fast paced world we live in, we certainly got to keep up. And yet one must do in grace, and at ease in a white (or black) tee. :)


*disclaimer from Barney Stintson from HIMYM

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