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I confess: I own a pair of hipster glasses.  By hipster, I mean that it’s more a fashion accessory, not one fitted with functional lenses.  And I don’t care what anyone says, I ADORE them.  I first spotted this pair I’m sporting in apostrophe Glorietta.  They were actually labelled “Tinted Sunglasses” and they’re perfect in ways I shall now enumerate.


Girls and Their Glasses


Firstly, yes, I do use the glasses as a fashion accessory.  I especially enjoy wearing them when I think an outfit is bordering on “too sexy”.  I could be wearing something short (rare), tight (often), see-through (never surprising) or a combination of those (Exhibit B)–and I find that the glasses usually balance them out nicely.  You look more down-to-earth and less like a diva.


Girls and Their Glasses

Exhibit B: Top from Stradivarius / Shorts from Divisoria

Secondly and probably most importantly–I use it to detract unwanted attention.  I used to wear computer glasses back when I had a desk job as a web designer.  Sometimes, I’d forget to take them off while I’d walk or commute back to my place.  I noticed then that I hardly ever get the sort of male attention that no self-respecting girl would want to attract whenever I wear glasses.  It probably only failed me two or three times in total.  There must be some truth to the saying, “Men don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses.”  I know plenty of my smart, charming and cute guy friends will protest at this, but again–they’re not the kind of guys I’m talking about anyway.  So I suppose in that manner, the glasses could actually be working as a filter (watch Marilyn Monroe in “How to Marry a Millionaire”!).  Personally, I think they’re hot–or I wouldn’t be toting fakes ones.

I also wear them to detract attention from my face when I haven’t had time to fix my brows, make-up or if I look tired.  And because they’re basically clear (the gold tint only visible when light hits it), you don’t look like an idiot when you wear them indoors.

I also wear them if I feel like my eyes are drooping while I have to sit up and listen to something that’s making me yawn.  The tint masks my closed–err, sleepy lids in a very subtle way.  (Yes.  I know.  Saying that out loud is living dangerously.  Let’s just hope none of the people I meet for business read this.)

I think I’ll need real glasses soon, anyway, as a few people have noticed I have poor eyesight at night.  Poorer than the average person, at least–so my friend John suggested I have my eyes checked because I might need special glasses for people whose eyes don’t adjust as easily to light.  It’s sometimes a problem when I’m driving at night.

But in the meantime, I’m loving my fake ones.  I’d still probably wear them to meetings even if already had real ones, just because the tint is so convenient for hiding my sleepy eyes.

Girl with Beanie

I borrowed the beanie from Nio because he wouldn’t let me buy it from him (his mom made it).  I really love the color and it went well with my knit shorts, don’t you think?


Who would have thought you’d ever see an OOTD featuring an “anting-anting” or “agimat”?  That’s an amulet for you non-Tagalog speakers.  I bought this one from a sidewalk vendor in Cebu City while we were doing Style Origin for Ayala Center back in June (yes this OOTD has been in storage for that long…these photos were taken the day after I bought amulets).  I was told this was a “Prosperity Necklace”.  I felt very much like an RPG character equipping my Accessories slot. +3 Luck for the win!


SM Parisian Shoes - Wedges

I don’t know if I’ve ever included this in my OOTD’s before, but this is a pretty old pair of SM Parisian shoes of mine.  Still reliable, though.


Ayala Center Cebu - Style Orign 2013

Back to back photos: My outfit from the back. And backstage with Nio and John, haha!


Aquamarine and Shrunken head amulet

I also bought another amulet and a shrunken head pipe that my friends thought looked gross.  I thought it was cool.  He looks like Bob Marley to me.


P.S. I really like my lip color in that first photo.  That’s MAC Mocha topped with a dark cherry colored lipgloss from Makeup Factory.  Who thought their combination would look nice?

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