The Reluctant Stylista

I’m no martial arts expert, but I can tell you this–I’ve never seen a happier bunch of martial artists than Capoeiristas.  Seriously.

Find out why we’re always having fun:  drop by our free class today at 8pm in Makati City Club.  Actually, we have free classes everyday ’til August 2–read more details at EBC Philippines’ Facebook Page for the other venues (Makati, Ortigas and Quezon City)!

capoeira ebc philippines

Some of our new students at the venue in Makati City Club. A lot of them were surprised at what they could already do in just a week of classes.

ebc philippines at makati city club

ebc philippines at makati city club

Rodas are the best.  You follow the rhythm of the berimbau and other instruments and play the game with your partner.

And trust me when I say it really is for all ages (I started late at 28). Watch the cute kids in this video:

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