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This is the fourth Bloggers United I’ve been to, but this is the first time I’m writing about it post-event. I have been lucky enough to be doing it since the second one, for which I am always grateful to Melai, Aisa and Ana—three beautiful and talented girls who one day decided to gather fashion and (then eventually) beauty bloggers, to open their closets and wares to the general public. I’m always amazed at the turn out for Bloggers United, and this is no exception. This time around, I shared a booth with Kira. Lauren (who was my booth partner in previous BU bazaars), unfortunately, couldn’t join us as she was enjoying Macau at the time, but her boyfriend Marco was there on the second day to sell her stuff.


Bloggers United 4: Alex Lapa and Kira Ramirez

Me with Niche Dumlao and Kira


I think this is my favorite BU so far for several reasons. For one thing, it was held at The World Trade Center, in conjunction with The World Bex festival (heh) going on. We were given a spot at the back of the tent but it was really cool because we had so much free space to move around with and we didn’t really feel cramped. There were plenty of people from the other bazaars trickling in towards us, and I think we (the bloggers) always had the busiest area during that weekend. Had I anticipated other shoppers aside from the usual BU crowd, I would’ve brought a lot more of my unused Adidas gear to sell!  Secondly, it was a two-day bazaar.  So I was more prepared by the second day on what to bring as I wasn’t able to prepare as well on the first (I had too much work before BU).


Bloggers United 4: John Sherwynn Chan and Nio Manzano

I really love these two boys. They helped us out so much that this was probably the only BU where I got to look around and take some photos.  They also made sure I looked bongga in their creations, haha!  Kira loved them at first sight, especially John, whom I think she wants to take home as her pet.

Also, this time around, I was selling with my two designer/stylists friends Nio Manzano and John Sherwynn. Both make custom clothes: Nio, for gowns and dresses and John for more androgynous pieces like shirts, polos and pants. So it was really cool because they both dressed me for BU and we really had a lot of inquiries! I was supposed to come out with my own designs by the end of this year, but I encountered a little hiccup in my plans so they weren’t ready. It might be by the time BU5 rolls in next summer. *crossing fingers*

Bloggers United 4: Alex Lapa with Lai Reyes-Geluz

Also spotted the very pretty Lai Reyes-Geluz!  We were classmates back in college, and this girl is suuuuuper talented and so creative!  We were both in Multi Media Arts, but she’s only one of the few people whose works I actually really admired.  I wanted to visit her exhibit back in college but at that type there was a typhoon and I couldn’t go to LRI Makati.  It’s really cool because she also happens to know Kira.  She looks a dainty, pretty fairy, just like Kira says, doesn’t she?  I’m so tan next to her (thanks PinkParlour!  More on my “tan” in later posts :P ).  Anyway, I was also glad to run into her because Lai is a whiz at DIY and I’m planning to make her my set designer/props person on engagement shoots! YAY!

Bloggers United 4: Kristine Roa and Alex Lapa

With Kristine and Jem

I was so happy to finally meet Kristine Roa of InStyle Cebu!  Oh my gosh, I remember she was one of my first few visitors when I was just starting out.  I wish Cebu had something like BU, too, for when I visit my dad’s home province.  I proudly told Kristine that I’m half-Cebuana, but unfortunately, I’m the only one in the household who can’t speak/understand Bisaya fluently.

Sophie Uy and Liz Lanuzo

Sophie Uy of Beautynomics (and my favorite make-up brushes, Charm) and Liz Lanuzo of Project Vanity.

Ava Te

Ava with her whole brood!  She was our booth neighbor.

Aisa Ipac and Kira Ramirez at Bloggers United 4

Aisa of Drowning Equilibriums (and one of the organizers) with Kira of Elegantly Wasted

Krissy's booth at Bloggers United

Krissy’s booth!

Niche Dumlao, Tracy Ayson and Angela Nepomuceno

Niche, Tracy and Angela

Bloggers United 4 - Vivienne Westwood x Melissa Lady Dragon

I was trying to sell my barely used Vivienne Westwood x Melissa pair for P1000.  It’s originally P3,000+, but those who were actually interested didn’t have the same size.  I was okay if it didn’t sell because it’s really really pretty.  I just thought it would be more practical for me to try and sell since I’ve almost never really used it.  It’s a size 7 if anyone’s interested!

Bloggers United 4, December 2012

Yeah I know. I never have a proper accessories tray for BU so I just borrowed Nio’s mannequin.

Reluctant Stylista stickers

John made me stickers! Cool.

Adrian Teng and Alex Lapa

Adrian Teng was my classmate in DLSU. He worked at Lucas Arts in Singapore for a while, after graduation, but now he’s in New Zealand and he had a part in the production of The Hobbit!  How cool was that?  This is the first time we saw each other since college.  I discovered he’s really talented in photography, too.  We’re going to collaborate in a photoshoot soon.

Bloggers United 4, December 2012

Charm brushes!

Bloggers United 4, December 2012

Divine Lee and Victor Basa’s booth. This Lanvin dress was selling for P1500 or P2500 I think? DAMMIT! Someone beat me to it!

Bloggers United 4, December 2012

Kira had time to browse around, too.  Her first stop?  Anagon’s booth!

Bloggers United 4, December 2012

I bought 2 rings from here. These appeal to my geeky heart.

Bloggers United 4, December 2012

Bloggers United 4

Bloggers United 4

Bloggers United 4

Bloggers United 4, December 2012

Bloggers United 4, December 2012

Bestie’s booth

Bloggers United 4, December 2012

Bloggers United 4

Bloggers United 4

Bloggers United 4, December 2012


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