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Remember Multiply? Before its success (and eventual crash), I can remember it pushed me to the peak of my online shopping craze. It wasn’t exactly the most automated system–we relied on the good faith of sellers (and buyers!) and mostly we’d have to go to the bank to make deposits, send a proof of it via e-mail and cross our fingers that our purchases make it safely to our address. Fortunately, the online shopping landscape has improved by leaps and bounds since then.  But because I’ve shifted careers, I hardly have time to browse online stores anymore.  As I recall, that used to be the highlight of my corporate work hours–online window shopping in between breaks to keep my brain from being numb with the daily tasks I had to finish on my computer.  I’ve almost forgotten how heavenly it was.

Nowadays, I find that I am slowly getting back into the groove of online shopping, no small thanks to sites like BeautyMNL.  I’m not a big makeup junkie, but I ended up browsing their virtual shelves for HOURS. How have I only heard about this now (I know, I’m always late to the party)??

BeautyMNL haul

VMV Hypoallergenics Armada Sport 70. Does this even need an introduction? It’s one of the best and gentlest sunscreen formulas in the market. I’m a HUGE fan of VMV.

Wet ‘n Wild Just Peachy. I misplaced my Happy Skin Honeymoon Glow and I really need a nice nude lippie since it makes me look fresh without piling on too much makeup.

Dolly Wink Eyeliner. I haven’t had a good black eyeliner in a while, maybe a year or so now. And they say the Japanese know their eyeliners (plus I loved Dolly Wink’s extremely soft, natural looking falsies I used recently), so I got this.

My Prime Transformative Night Cream. It had a lot of rave reviews that got me curious. And wait ’til you see how ingenious the jar is! You won’t have to worry about bacteria and contamination for this one.

Browlash EX Gel Oil Eye Makeup Remover. Though I hate waterproof formula, my favorite mascara right now is Browhaus’ HD mascara. I’m tired of using several coats of Vaseline and baby oil to get it off (and this is after double cleansing).

Here’s what I immediately liked about BeautyMNL:


The site layout is neat and clean. So even though there’s a lot to look at, it doesn’t overwhelm me with its options. I actually take my time to read through the page down to the footer.

Alex Lapa reviews

It has articles that are actually helpful and informative. I don’t feel like it’s just out to sell me something. I know the articles are there for that purpose, mostly, but at least they don’t come off as hard sell. I flipped through articles to find the perfect nude lip and how best to apply liquid foundation (because while I feel like I have awesome facial skin, I’ve gone through enough photos of fancy evening events at clubs and the like and find that my face looks like a beacon. I guess I need something that stays put and looks fresh for special events, not poor remnants of my BB cream or sunscreen). I like that most articles are quick reads, with just the right amount of photos to illustrate a point. While lengthy and technically-detailed articles work for women who know their way around a Naked palette with their eyes closed, girls like me get intimidated with too much information and give up before even trying.

Alex Lapa reviews

User reviews tell me enough. When a product catches my eye, I immediately scroll down for reviews. And even if it’s a low-star review, I still want to know why. I’d still give it a chance, if I compare it to other reviews (also personally, a lot of products that work on me just don’t for other people).  I see what skin type and features the user has so I can compare with mine while mulling it over, then decide if I still want to try it.

Sales! There are regular sales and even their bestsellers get discounted. Case in point: Shiseido’s Tsubaki Shining Shampoo is selling right now for 531 PHP and Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes is at 50% off at 1,500 PHP.

It sells organic. I like how easy it i to find organic products because it has its own category right up there in the header.

Easy checkout. I find the check out process relatively painless. I was done in about three clicks.

Beauty MNL Package

Packaging is pretty fancy as it’s a ziplock bag. I can reuse this especially for trips!

Very quick delivery. This stash took less than 24 hours to find its way here–even though I was given a heads up that delivery would be after the holidays/long weekend. I’m so impressed! And what a pleasant surprise! I can’t wait to get my next batch.


What I wish to find in the future:


A list of ingredients. I have allergic reactions to some chemicals, so it’s really something that I look for if it’s a new brand or product I’m trying out. Even a photo of the ingredients list would be really nice to have.


Join #SelfieMNL


If you’re eager to give BeautyMNL a spin! Join the #selfieMNL contest and get a chance to win a Printster polaroid of your pretty face PLUS a PHP200 BeautyMNL GC. This happens every month! Click here for the complete details.

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