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I’ve always been interested in organic products.  For a time, I was even successful in using only organic, parabens-free and mineral make-up in my daily skin rituals.  Truthfully, my skin isn’t really that sensitive to products–but still, organic ones dominate my vanity table.  And the knowledge comes in handy when people who do have sensitive skin (and are prone to allergic reactions with a lot of cosmetics) ask for recommendations.

So I feel particularly dutiful when I come across a promising organic product.  In this case, it’s from a relatively new brand on our shores: Girlactik.

Girlactik Products

Girlactik Skin Tint

But let me introduce you first to one of their bestsellers, The Skin Tint.


I love tinted moisturizers because it’s one of those lazy products that does double duty.  It acts as a daytime moisturizer while at the same time giving you ample coverage.  In the case of Girlactik, it provides more coverage than those I’ve used in the past.  It’s similar to Smashbox’s TM, but Girlactik is organic (definitely plus points for me).

Girlactik Skin Tint - Tinted Moisturizer

Consistency check

Girlactik Skin Tint - Tinted Moisturizer

Blends very easily


Girlactik’s Skin Tint has a very light, rosewater fragrance.  I like the healthy-looking finish, and it’s actually quite long-wearing.  I was also quite pleased to find out it contains Green and White Tea and Vitamin E, which are antioxidants with anti-aging properties. What I also find impressive is the fact that there are a lot of shades available (a total of 6)–this isn’t always the case for tinted moisturizers and BB creams.

Girlatik Philippines currently has two branches. One in located the Lower round Floor of Swire Elan Suites, Greenhills.  Another one is at the 2nd level of Glorietta 5.  Their products are organic, hypo-allergenic, and cruelty-free so this is definitely one of the brands that I’ll be watching here.  I have one other product from them that I have lined up for review (Eye Glaze), but I’m also interested in their glossies as it seems to be the most popular (and featured) so far.  So this isn’t the last you’ll be hearing from me about Girlactik!


Girlactik Press

They’ve been around for a while but it was only last year that this brand reached the Philippines

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8 Responses to “Fab Find: Girlactik’s Organic Tinted Moisturizer”

  1. Bea says:

    Two questions: how much and if it has SPF. Because I’m tamad that way. Haha!

  2. Pat says:

    Love that they’re cruelty-free! We need more of these brands here! :)

    • Alex says:

      I know! I’ll be finding out more about their products this week. I love organic and cruelty-free brands as well; you can be sure I’ll always feature them on this blog. <3

  3. Coleen Cudia says:

    I always love to try organic beauty products, Aside from being conscious with our skin we must be able check the product if its ok for us. right? :)

  4. Laarni says:

    ahhhhh! I so wanna get this soon! and wow 6 shades!!! what shade did you get? thanks for sharing! xx

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