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This Beauty and Bright Moringa soap from Droplets of Nature is one of my best skin care discoveries of 2013.


Droplets of Nature Moringa Soap
Beauty and Bright Facial & Body Lightening Moringa Soap


Am I getting ahead of myself?  I know it’s a little early in the year to be proclaiming something like this but I am just that happy about this one.  First of all, I prefer using bath gels over soaps.  I think soaps are bulky and require some effort to lather when you’re using sponge or loofah in the shower.  Secondly, I’m not into whitening products.  But what made me reconsider in trying it are the claims that Droplets of Nature soaps are “naturally-formulated”.  I am very much interested in natural and organic products, and as I have mentioned in My Totally Sensible List of 2013 Beauty Resolutions, I’m trying my best to avoid chemical-overloaded ones.  So I gave this one a try, but I wasn’t really expecting much, as soaps are non-events in my routine that hardly produce noticeable changes (aside from its primary function to keep you clean, of course).  It was enough for me that the soap is touted natural.

If you’ve been following my blog for quite some time now, you’ll know that I often mention my perpetual battle with scarring and ingrown hair.  I also have a few rough patches of skin on my feet.  What caused them, I’m never quite sure.  It’s not just the shoes I wear.  One patch, in particular, appeared after I had vigorously scratched an insect bite before I could stop myself.  For some reason, that patch of skin darkened and somewhat toughened.  I expected it to fade back to its normal color and texture, but it didn’t even after slathering it with lotion for days.

I also had a pimple scar on my chin.  I don’t normally get pimples, but when I do, you can be damn sure they’ll leave a mark that takes too damn long to fade.

I started using Beauty and Bright’s Moringa soap and followed the instructions carefully:

Droplets of Nature Moringa Soap

I lathered it up and waited 5 minutes or more for the soap to settle on my skin (I also used it for the face).  I usually rinse off right away, but now I soap up first, then shampoo and condition my hair so I don’t have to twiddle my thumbs before the 5 minutes are up.  Sometimes, I even manage to brush my teeth in between.  Talk about multi-tasking.

So here are my observations:

1) It reminds me of two soaps: Dove and Mosbeau Facial soap.  Like Dove, Beauty and Bright Moringa soap was like a moisturizing bar.  It definitely leaves my skin soft after the shower that I was tempted to skip the lotion (don’t–you still need it throughout the day).  While Dove is still more moisturizing, Beauty and Bright doesn’t turn too soft and squishy after use.  I remember Mosbeau’s Facial soap was also so good at getting the dirt from my skin that I used it for my whole body.  This is kind of similar to that.  You can tell when you can just scrub the dirt off your skin.

2)  It helped fade the pimple mark on my chin that was about a month old.  I really think it did, because it was gone in just 2 and a half weeks of use, whereas it was stubbornly dark prior to the soap use.

3)  I did seem to have nicer skin, but I’m not sure if this is coincidental due to the other products I’ve been using and the healthier change in diet.  But since my facial skin is still clear, I suppose this soap didn’t have any adverse effects.  I now use it to regularly wash my face.

4)  The dark patch on my foot because of that insect bite disappeared, and is now soft again.  I really concentrated the use of the soap on that area, so I could easily tell the difference.  I am now using it on the other parts of my feet where certain types of shoes would chafe, and I am hoping for positive results, too.

5) I often wear fitted pants, and sometimes it causes darkening and chicken skin.  I think it helped lighten those areas, too, and though it didn’t completely get rid of the chicken skin, it feels a bit smoother now.

6) I’m not halfway done with the soap, and it has been a month now since I started using it.  It’s a bit of a soft soap, but it doesn’t feel like it’s going to melt away in your shower area.

Droplets of Nature Moringa Soap

All in all, I really like it very much.  If at first I had thought P114.00 (almost $3) for a bar of soap was expensive, I’ve now changed my mind.  I really do plan on repurchasing when I finish this and DN’s Anti-aging Serum bar which they had kindly sent along with a bottle of eco-friendly dishwashing liquid, a very, very cute eco-bag from SAC people and a green baby blanket that now my cat Kirara loves.

Droplets of Nature

Droplets of Nature Moringa Soap

Made with Moringa Extract, Papaya, Kojic Acid, Camelia Japonica, Candeia Tree Oil and Oxalis Triangularis Oil, Lactic Acid

Mark Anthony Navida, President of Droplets of Nature, also had additional information about the ingredients of the regular whitening soaps compared to their naturally-formulated ones.

We are being bombarded by commercial products that promise instant white. We advocate going back to natural. The effects of natural products may take time, but it is safer and last longer.

When we resort to harmful chemical products like Hydroquinone or Bleaching the effects may be faster but it is not safe. It does not last longer too. You will be tied up with using the chemicals for life and we may not enjoy going out. So we advocate to going natural.

In the graphs attached, you will see how we compared our products with HQ and Arbutin. HQ is not safe.Arbutin is natural derivative of hydroquinone found in berry fruits. It is relatively safe.
You can see that our power oils found in our soap are much effective than the arbutin.

Droplets of Nature

Droplets of Nature Moringa Soap

More reviews of Droplets of Nature products coming soon!

Droplets of Nature are available at Sesou Nature Source, South Supermarket, ECHOstore and Cash & Carry Department Store. P114.00 for a 130g bar of soap.

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