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Welcome to the Global Mala Project–the largest unified worldwide yoga event. It was brought here in Manila by Teresa Herrera, and it gathers local collaborators who work completely pro-bono: 100 % of its proceeds go to Children’s International.

So what should you expect? On September 26, coinciding with United Nation’s Day of Peace and the Fall Equinox, The Global Mala Project will be held at WhiteSpace Manila. From 8am to 10pm, several yoga classes will be ongoing simultaneously. I believe there are around 22 classes in all! There will also be talks, kids’ classes and even CAPOEIRA! Trust me–this is all worth it.

Global Mala Project Schedule

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Along with other media personalities and bloggers, I was given a preview a couple of weeks ago as what to expect in Global Mala. I’m always eager to go to yoga events because even though I’m still struggling with it, I can’t contest the good effects of it on my body.

Global Mala Project - Manila Yoga 2015

All eyes in front

Global Mala Project - Manila Yoga 2015

Miss Iza Calzado is such a health buff and she’s so limber! That’s my goal.

Global Mala Project - Manila Yoga 2015

My rather painful attempt

Global Mala Project - Manila Yoga 2015

I do think it’s important to stretch everyday, so even if I don’t do a high intensity workout (I’ve been long absent from my capoeira training for months), I don’t feel like I’m going back from scratch. It’s also pretty handy for any physical activity you have for the day.

See you this Saturday!

Global Mala Project - Manila Yoga 2015


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