The Reluctant Stylista

Who is Elizabeth Madrid, exactly? She’s Manila’s latest It Girl–stylish, staple of the club scene, new best friend of famous-for-being-famous Chrysalis Magnolia. She’s also a jewelry clan heiress, a former model, an Ivy Leaguer… except no one actually knew of her until last year. Shouldn’t her new society friends be more suspicious? Especially “BFF” Chrysalis, who reportedly already lost an expensive ring to a friend who turned out to be a thief?


Young and Scambitious is a short story by contemporary romance Filipina author Mina V. Esguerra–the same writer who penned some of my favorite chick lit, namely “Love Your Frenemies” (which is sort of a sequel to one of her other stories, “My Imaginary Ex” which was also a pretty fun read) and “No Strings Attached” (which is about an almost 30-year old falling for a younger guy. Need I say more?).

The story is free for download in Amazon until October 2, just click here.  Let’s support our local authors!

Young and Scambitious by Mina V. Esguerra

When I was still a student studying design, I always wanted to try my hand at doing book covers and album (music) covers.  While I still haven’t had my chance yet, I can now definitely say I’ve been part of a book cover, at least.  Thank to Mina, who gave me this opportunity, Nio who did the photography (my favorite outfit shots on this blog have all been taken by him) and Tania Arpa for doing the design.

I really enjoyed this collaboration!  When Mina asked for help in getting a photo for her cover I was ecstatic–I’ve been reading her works for a long time now and the excerpt she gave me was very different from her other writing.  She told me to have fun with the concept and gave me freedom to interpret it however I wanted.  I eventually took inspiration from Gossip Girl and several NYLON magazine covers.  So I asked Nio to help me come up with the final photo, and after several hitches (rain and typhoon weren’t letting up, so we hardly had the chance to do an outdoor OOTD), we decided on an indoor shoot at John’s condo, which was always so very well lighted thanks to big corner windows (thank you John!).  At first, I had my hair styled at the salon because it was probably going to end up as the most prominent aspect of the faceless cover girl, and I can’t be trusted with any hair styling tool, honestly…but we moved the shoot several times so in the end, I just had to go with my natural air-dried curls.  I think it worked well with the hat anyways, don’t you think?  Hope you like it as much as we do!

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