The Reluctant Stylista

I’ve had to work with kids recently, so of course, I adjusted my wardrobe accordingly.  I thought it was a good opportunity to wear some of the stuff I got from adidas last month.  I was actually really excited about it because they came in gorgeous, vibrant colors, but I hardly go to the gym and I’ve lost my jogging partners. But I’m back to walking long distances and now, working closely with rambunctious little tots, I thought, finally, a chance to wear them!  I mean, if I’m going to wear comfy gear, it might as well be in cheery hues like these.

hot pink adidas shoes
This is a very neon pink pair of shoes (Vibetouch, adidas NEO), and I wore them with sky blue socks, too. I like wearing them with a jeans + tee combnation because of the pop of color. I’m sure you’re flinching from the monitor now.

adidas VRV Colorful tank top

This is called the VRV Colorful tank top. Okay, so I was really into color that day. I even had my Tokidoki fan with me and a yellow belt. To match the shoes, I wore NYX Louisiana lipstick.  Yeah I know, it’s supposed to be really casual, but I got carried away with color matching.

And then, would you believe, this is my first hoodie?

adidas Originals ST

I’ve never been a hoodie person, but I’m pretty happy with one right now

big grin

Kira, who was taking the photos, was trying to make me smile wider. So how’s this?

my first hoodie

I thought at first the design was too kiddie for me, but now I’ve grown to love it. It’s perfect for the weather lately, the lining is soft and comfy.  It’s pretty thick, though, because of that, so it isn’t for our sunny days.  But if you work in an office with the airconditioning constantly at full blast, you’ll definitely want something like this.

my first hoodie

So, Kira, do you think I can model sporty clothes now? Hahaha!

I was feeling really 8-mile. The Rainbow Brite version.

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