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I just realized, after taking a round of photos by myself (with a tripod), that I seem to be doing this whenever I’m wearing this cream lace and tulle skirt.  Please don’t think I wear it everyday.  It’s just coincidence that the last few times I did wear this, I thought about documenting the outfits.  It’s kind of a bit of a hassle when I have to shoot inside our condo because I work with light streaming in from the windows, and in our freaky Manila weather, the light is finicky.  Also, the wall that I use has lots of junk against it that I just move so I get a clean background.  So I don’t do it often.  I’m trying, to, though.  Y’know.  Getting used to taking outfit photos or self-portraits in general.

Black shirt + tulle skirt

One of my rare talents is being able to jump while in heels.

jumping with heels

Don’t try this at home.

Don’t even ask why I did it.

black shirt + tulle skirt + hat

What did I tell you about the light changing?

I just saw this hat sitting in my closet and I thought, “Let’s use it!”  So I did.

with retro shirt

As a matter of fact, I also saw this retro black shirt from my sister’s clean laundry, and I’ve always LOVED this shirt.  I don’t usually buy shirts (the last shirt I remember buying was from Team Manila), my sister does.  So I end up stealing her stuff when I want a casual look.

The stockings are quite nice, my favorite pair, and I stole ‘em from my mum.  Marks and Spencer!

Parisian shoes from SM

Don’t you love my shoes?  I do.  I admit they were an impulse buy; I just wanted to wear some heels to match a dress I planned on wearing to Kitchen Cow’s wedding and I was running out of time.  I thought, “Quick! What’s the cheapest, most stylish shoes I can get right now?”  Of course, Parisian of SM Department store.  I’m always style over comfort, and though I wasn’t really counting on these shoes to be comfy or to last at all, they’re actually holding up pretty good.  My P899 was pretty worth it!  Don’t you think Parisian is really upping their style moxie lately?  I’m shamelessly taking advantage of it.

Anyhow, I ended up forgetting the dress to bring back to our house in Las Piñas, so my whole outfit plan went down the drain.  In fact, I haven’t even worn that dress ever.  (I’ll actually have to remember where I did put it, shuttling back and forth between two households like I do makes you a bit scatterbrained).  But you can bet I wore the shoes.

Equistrienne hat from WAGW

I picked this up from What a Girl Wants.  Whenever I need an emergency dress, I usually drop by WAGW at Robinson’s Galleria because they usually have something I like.  Well, I ended up bagging this Equestrienne hat instead.  I love it, but I don’t wear it very often.

I thought the light seeping through the sheer curtains were going to ruin the photo, but I think it makes for an interesting one.  Don’t you?

And lastly, my cutie cute necklace, which was given to me out of the blue by my friend Anne.  She was wearing it and I was looking at it and she just you wanna have it okay you have it there you go!

Pinocchio necklace

But he’s so pretty, so after proper amount of protests, I dutifully gave in.  Thanks, Anne!  She says she gets her stuff cheaper than Quiapo, sometimes.  I must know where her secret lair is!

Retro shirt – I think my sister got it from Landmark
Tulle skirt – Forever 21
Brown stockings – Marks and Spencer
Shoes – Parisian (SM)
Pinocchio necklace – tiangge (from Anne!)
Ring - Manila FAME
Watch - Ice Watch

P.S.  I’m reading through my entry and I sound like I’m high on chocolates again.  I don’t even usually do updates at this hour (almost midnight)!

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