The Reluctant Stylista

This past month has been really funny.  I went from doing nothing to juggling several projects.  Maybe that’s why despite 2010 being a non-leap year, February seems pretty darn long to me.

One of the things I’m currently busy with is styling for a film.  This is a first for me, since I’m used to doing photoshoots, and I’ve been involved in fashion shows.  But film is hard!  You can’t always be high fashion unless the character calls for it, of course.  It’s really 20% styling and 80% wardrobe managing.  You have to worry about continuity.  What I learned from school and previous styling experiences isn’t much help because firstly, you’re not dealing with models.  Actors and actresses who are about to shoot a movie are different (and actors/actresses about to pose for a magazine are different, too).  I find that you have so much more detail to worry about here, and they don’t always have to do with fashion and aesthetic.  While this is also true for other styling gigs, this is much more demanding.  And hey, aside from continuity, you have to deal with moving people!  In varying shapes and sizes.  I was used to models with set cards and predictable measurements–you can usually guess what would fit them and what wouldn’t, with just one look.

But I’ve been having fun, too.  The learning process is fun.  And I get really OC about details so don’t get me wrong, I suspect I’m actually enjoying all that technical details.

I was at the acting workshop yesterday, basically just to get their measurements and see what costumes one of them, Jamilla, had.  She lives too far, so she looked over the pegs we provided and bought some clothes with her that might do.  For the other actors, I’m raiding their closets tomorrow.

Jamilla ObispoJamilla Obispo

Test shots for the tank tops

Also, I have a confession to make.  While I know about models (I can even recite their vital statistics off the top of my head, including shoe size) and fashion writers in the industry, I know sadly little about TV.  I had to google about Jamilla.  Her last name’s Obispo.  Apparently, she’s an FHM cover girl (no surprise there) and had been in Pinoy Big Brother.


FHM: Jamilla

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