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I have to admit, Philippine Fashion Week is not really my favorite time of the year. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very excited when local designers have new collections to showcase. I crave it, and I’m hopeful about discovering new designs for clients. It just makes my job a whole lot easier! But what I don’t like about it is the fact that I’m expected to trudge to SMX in my finery (hah, as if–Fashion Week here is actually pretty casual, and security is lax anyway, but I still feel guilty for not dressing up) despite our usual horrendous weather and lining up outside the doors in a crowd (VIP seats or not) sweating in my make-up.

I end up cheating–I view all the collections through photographs taken after the show, browsing for whatever I might need. It’s not the same, though. A lot of clothes are merely photogenic on camera. I still have to be up close to see how the fabric is moving and if the garment looks good and workable on something other than a reed thin model.

Anyhow, I usually attend one day out of the week. I had complementary tickets to all the shows but I was taking my sweet time deciding when to go. Noel decided it for me, asking if we could meet last Tuesday at PFW so we could discuss work. I immediately agreed–but what I didn’t know was that JUSTIN BIEBER WAS IN MANILA and was having a concert somewhere near that same night. I already agreed by the time I found out, and I had sorely underestimated Bieber’s traffic-inducing charms. I left around 4:30pm, promised a +50 to my cabbie (I know, I hate it when they do that! But I was already refused by the previous cabbie and I didn’t think my heart could take another rejection) and got stuck in Edsa. Finally, I just asked to be dropped off near Magallanes and hopped onto a bus, which of course, took me to Mall of Asia in record time. Buses are the biggest bullies on Edsa, making traffic jams almost insignificant. I had to do a little walking, which I anticipated; hence, I clogged out for the first time in Ferretti shoes that had long been waiting for a socked/stockinged occasion.

Ferretti shoes

I actually fell in love with the beige version of these shoes, but they were all out of my size!  I settled for the black one, instead.  I stood and walked for hours in these–I’m happy to say that they are pretty comfy for a pair of wooden-soled shoes.  It’s tricky to walk on uneven grounds with them, though, but I already knew that and didn’t care.

Up close:

Ferretti shoes - lace up clogs

I met up with Nio once I got to SMX while waiting for Noel.  Nio promptly dragged me to the huge poster outside the doors with our names printed under “Stylists”.

Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011

Black men’s shirt (it has this really interesting flapping closure up front) from Oxygen
Snow leopard print scarf from XOXO
Lace-up clogs (I usually hate clogs, but I love these) from Ferretti

Here’s a closer look:

Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011

Cocktail ring bought at Manila FAME 2010

Scarf from XOXO and ring from Manila FAME

You know how some fashion bloggers never smile on camera?  Sometimes I think the look they’re going for is “fierce” but somehow they look like they want to kill you for taking a photo they probably engineered in the first place.  Well, this is my homage to them:

dorky photo

Actually it looks more dorky and Bieberish than murderous or fierce.

(Edit: I take it back. Apparently, what I know of Bieber hair is old news, as he is sporting a different cut nowadays)

Then while we were taking photos, this photographer from Manila Bulletin approached me for a picture.  I’m flattered, but I hardly think the outfit is newsworthy, being all black and boring.  Then again, there weren’t really plenty of fashion plates around, so I suppose pickings were slim!  I doubt it’ll really come up anywhere, but at least we came up with this photo (Nio took it behind him):

Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011

Yes, the photographer made me cross my legs, and here I am, trying not to laugh at myself.  He even made me pretend to do candid shots where I probably looked like an idiot.

By the way, Noel was surprised that I wear make-up.  I told him that I normally do (or at least I did), except when I work for him. HAHA!  I mean, come on, styling is tough work, sometimes you just want to slip into something comfortable and slap make-up really quick.  I’ve narrowed it down to eyebrows, eyeliner and lipstick to make it really easy for myself.  Well that day, I had some time so I finally did eyeshadow and bronzing again.

A sneak preview of one of the shows I watched that day:

Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011

And my PFW buddies, Nio and John (who is among Noel’s latest batch of DFW students)

Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011

Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011

Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011

Shorts, polo shirts and whatnot.  I told you Fashion Week here is laidback.

And there you go!  Well, at least for now.  I really intended to post photos of what I could take clearly, but my internet is acting up and uploading all photos (not to mention resizing them) is giving me a toothache.  I’ll post it tomorrow if I can so you don’t feel cheated and violated by my numerous appearances sans actual models in couture.

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