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It’s always tricky, dressing up here in Manila. There’s the humid air, searing heat, then suddenly, rainfall…and once you get indoors, airconditioned buildings and offices could go up to freezing. So it’s usually a good thing to layer clothes once you feel the weather is being schizophrenic again. But even layering in the Philippines has a science to it. In Manila, particularly, you can’t layer thick clothes—a layered outfit is usually made of thin and breathable fabrics. I usually just throw on a tank top, pants and have a jacket with me. In this case, I had a trench coat. Unlike everywhere else in the world, we wear the jackets and coats indoors rather than outdoors because it’s colder inside. My friend Nio had these cool large white sunnies ala Jackie O lying around his studio, along with this awesome hat, so we had an impromptu shoot of sort. I really loved the combination! What do you think?

Pants by John Sherwynn Chan, coat from N+ Shop

Pants by John Sherwynn Chan / Hat, sunnies and trench coat from N+ Shop / Shoes from Parisian

Pants by John Sherwynn Chan, coat from N+ Shop

I totally love these trousers by John. Originally, they were for men as John made them for his own, but you know how we girls encroach on men’s territory (don’t you raid your brother’s or boyfriend’s closet every once in a while?).  If you’re interested to get your own pair done, just leave a comment below and John will get back to you.  I always like made-to-order clothes because they’re unique–what are the chances of you running into other people wearing the same thing?  I also love the feather print detail on the waistband and the sides.  The pants were actually made for a taller guy, but I like the length and fit on myself perfectly.

A little bra peekaboo.  For this ensemble, it works because it’s plain.  I’m not sure if it’ll work with a lacy, frilly bra because there’s already so much detail with the pants and shoes.

Pants by John Sherwynn Chan, coat from N+ Shop

Necklace from Love Diva

Necklace from Love Diva

Hat and sunglasses from N+ shop

I wouldn’t wear the coat with the hat and sunnies outdoors at the same time.  I’d leave the coat at the office and wear the hat + sunnies with the rest of the outfit.

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11 Responses to “Borrowing from men’s closets is fun”

  1. Eula says:

    Love the combination of the prints with the boxy silhouette! Sleek but feminine.

  2. Nio says:

    I can imagine you walking along Greenbelt, talking on the phone with a yaya on tow carrying a Yorkshire terrier. ZOW CLAZ!!!

    Tapos pag-uwi mo, mag-ma-majong ka, he he he…

    Sooooo… eto pala ginawa mo ng unang araw sa Bora… Very good!!! :P

  3. John says:

    So cute, very French chic! Sana you had a piece of cigarette with the long filter thingie haha

  4. Keia says:

    the pants don’t fit you well. and the shoes are totally wrong. you could have totally pulled it off by sticking to a classic black pump. there’s too much going on in this outfit. sorry. not a fan.

  5. Bea says:

    Where is N+ Shop?
    I’ve been looking all over for decent trench coats so I can finally look like a doctora without having to wear those blasted lab gowns (eh di naman ako MD, PhD naman ako). I hate being treated like a kid. Image issues. Hahaha!

  6. Nio says:

    I love it!!! May hater!!! :D


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