The Reluctant Stylista

As luck would have it, a Physiogel kit arrived on my doorstep a day before I was set to leave for El Nido, Palawan. In it was a bottle of their Calming Relief Face Cream, which I’ve never tried before, even though I’ve been an avid user of other Physiogel products for some time now. And the timing couldn’t have been more perfect – as what better way is there to road test this kind of cream than on a beach trip, when I’d be under the sun the whole week?

Physiogel Face Calming Relief Cream

Of course, I had my apprehensions as well. When I read the label, I found out that it’s specially-formulated to treat redness, which is caused by very dry and sensitive skin. My skin type is classified as a combination one, which is perhaps bit closer to oily than it is to dry. So I normally don’t use anything for dry skin lest I end up with an oil slick face. I do have a slightly red patch on my forehead (between my eyebrows) that appears every now and then, and the sun exposure (a must in Palawan, of course) was surely going to cause a bit of skin dehydration, so I thought to try it out anyway.

Upon application, I found that the cream was much lighter than I expected. In my opinion, it felt even lighter than Physiogel’s moisturizer. It did feel like a balm on my face at night. I didn’t break out, which is a good sign – because sometimes if my face is overly moisturized, that does happen. I felt that my skin became softer, although I haven’t noticed what it’s done for the redness in my face. It’s only on occasion that it happens, after all, but so far I haven’t noticed it yet so it might have been due to this cream.

So far, so good. I liked this cream so much that for now, it’s taken the place of my day and night moisturizer. It’s true that it’s light enough to wear under your make up, but I can’t assure you that it won’t make you oily. Because three hours after leaving my place, I still do tend to oil up a bit – but I chalk it up to having different layers of products composed of a separate SPF, moisturizer and BB Cream. But oiliness aside, my skin is pretty soft and clear so it’s doing a good job so far. This has become my second favorite Physiogel product now (the first being the lotion).

Physiogel Calming Relief Face Cream retails for Php800.

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