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styling Kelly Misa

I remember making a sortof fun bet with a friend that I could find a whole girl’s night out ensemble (including shoes!) inside SM for under P2000.  She was skeptical and wouldn’t believe I’d find anything decent under that price range.  I still haven’t taken the challenge fully, but after being privy to the upcoming collections (making their debut next week at Philippine Fashion Week) through my fashion styling classes, I think I’m more than ready for it.  There are definitely more than a handful of gorgeous pieces and very affordable accessories about to make their rounds.  And the shoes!  Most of the other stylists and models were ooohh-ing and ahh-ing and we were so tempted to just grab the stuff and go!  I can’t wait ’til they’re out in the market!  Most of them are definitely chic and so affordable like you won’t believe.

In one such shoot for Philippine STAR, we were privileged to see fashion photographer Sara Black in action.  I was also quite happy to find out that Kelly Misa was the female model.  She’s so pretty, and quite sweet!  You’d be surprised that these top models are really the nicest girls in the bunch–our mentor, Luis Espiritu, claims that’s why they’re the supermodels.  And so far it rings true.

Some behind the scenes footage:

styling for SM collection

Yep, this is pretty much what we do.  Clamping clothes and making sure everything looks perfect on camera.  You don’t see the clamps on the final shots anyway, just a fabulous fit.

Annie taping soles

Annie taping soles of the shoes. Yep, we all learned that, didn’t we.  You have to tape the shoes because they’re new and you’re to return them to the store after the shoot.

Bobby Carlos arsenal

Bobby Carlos’ make-up arsenal.  Bobby Carlos is founder of Make-up Forever school here in the Philippines.

makeup area

This is where the magic happens!

SM accessories

SM accessories

SM accessories

SM accessories

These are some of the accessories used for the shoot.  We chose the right accessories to go with the look (which was glam rock)! Yay!

accessorizing with Kelly Misa

Grace helping Kelly wear her accessories.

Peg for Kelly Misa's hair

Kelly’s last haircut was quite uneven, but Sara Black suggested they take a leaf out of Mango’s Fall/Winter Ad Campaigns and made Scarlett Johansson their peg. The look was messy but sexy and so not trying.

More photos to come as soon the spread is out on tomorrow’s paper.  Check out Philippine STAR, mkay?


Behind the scenes photos by Alexandra Lapa

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