The Reluctant Stylista

We styled for KC again in her shoot for Century Corned Tuna ads for billboards.  Of course, for this project, she was also with Piolo Pascual himself, who was styled by Ton Lao.  We shot  at DPI in Makati with PC&V, Century team and photographer extraordinaire, Mark Nicdao.

clothes rack for KC

We had a lot of options for the shoot, but as it always goes in this business, you’re always nervous about running out of options until the shoot just about wraps up.  This was our clothes rack for KC, a mix of RTW and clothes from Jerome Ang and Joey Samson.  We pretty much stuck to the palette of blue, pink, coral and periwinkle.

KC solo shot

I love this dress because it’s sexy, simple, and you can transform it any number of ways.  Also, it flows so beautifully.  KC loves this fabric so I try to buy clothes for her in the same jersey material, and other times, Noel has them made from Jerome or Joey (as usual! We obviously have our favorite designers).

Piolo and KC

Hamming it up with Piolo and a make-believe sandwich

Final print ad

Final shot

KC and Piolo

First, we tried it with her hair down.  But it was too distracting for the picture.

money shot

There’s your money shot!

Final ad

Final shot.

sexy shot

Yep, those abs are real.  She and PJ looked good on camera, so I ended up taking more photos (I usually just keep them for archiving purposes so I know what clothes we used in a particular shoot/apperance).

sexy shot

sexy shot

sexy shot

Then the final shot:

Piolo and KC

We have this billboard near our place, along Edsa Mandaluyong.  You can see it just after Boni station MRT.

And then, the actual final set that was taken.  I don’t have my own photo for this one, since I was already busy archiving everything we brought to this shoot and listing all the clothes that were used.

Piolo and KC for Century Tuna

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Next up: behind the scenes photos from our shoot in Subic for the TV commercial!

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