The Reluctant Stylista

When Mitzi Dayrit, marketing partner of the House of Vanita, contacted me about modeling for the brand in their next fashion show, I was surprised.  And intrigued.  Well apparently, they were inviting ladies of the local blogosphere to present their newest collections in La Vita Vanita, a private fashion show that will give tribute to old Italian cinema as a salute to the brand’s origins.

I almost didn’t agree to it, though.  Not because I didn’t want to.  It’s weird how I hate posing in front of the camera–I mean, early followers of my blog know of my struggle with outfit photos or just generally taking pictures of myself–but I was immediately agreeable when it came to strutting down a runway in my underwear.  It’s mind-boggling, even to myself.  But while it was no big deal to me, it might be for some people whose opinions I’m concerned about, hence the hesitation.  I only started talking about it openly when several fashion and beauty bloggers I know started asking me about it (no point in keeping it secret then!).

Obviously, after some serious talks, I pushed through with the modeling bit.  There are many reasons why I did so, but the first ones that come to mind are 1) I am tragically bored with my life right now, (despite the fact that people seem to think I’m so busy all the time, flitting from one event to the other) and I needed to do something 2) It’ll make for a good story one day 3) Despite my multitude of leg scars, I am pretty darn proud of my body 4) I love lingerie and swimwear and 5) so why not, before I grow older and may not be as fit* as my 26-year old body anymore?  I mean, do I really want to be that granny who looks back with regret?

*fit is debatable. The boyfriend reminds me looking fit is different from actually being fit. Guilty as charged.

So for most of September, there were meetings arranged and fittings scheduled. I must say that one of the best parts of it all was meeting the other blogger-models with whom I bonded in a matter of days. I suppose you can’t help but bond when you’ve all stripped down to your undies (even less with each other) for the first time in public.  It was surprisingly easy to work with them–or maybe not so surprising, as I’ve long ditched the perception of female/fashion bloggers as prima donnas now that I meet different ones on a regular basis.  We all swapped stories of our preparation for the show, breaking news to our friends and significant others and what we all planned to scarf down once it was all over.

My family and some friends who noticed my tamer appetite those days found it curious, but only a few them really knew what I was up to.  I’m genetically predisposed to being skinny and muscled so of course it was weird for me to be consciously skipping rice during dinner time, trying not to eat extra meals or snacks and suddenly willing to work the treadmill for the first time.  As much as I’m ashamed to admit it, I became conscious of my lower abs or lack thereof.  I’m not in college anymore, those extra cups of rice show now!  I know it’s normal, but I couldn’t help it, and I guess that’s really what happens when you sign up for a deal with the devil…whose favorite sin is vanity.


Photos from the rehearsal night:

the early birds

The early birds: Aby, Vicky, Shannah, Henzel

Mitzi feeding the hungry horde

Mitzy feeding the hungry horde with pizza. Take note that this was the day before the show. Vicky temporarily shuts off her phone to chow (she’s always glued to it cos of work! Even on weekends!)

before the show

That’s Vince and Hannah on the left, and Helga who was a last minute addition to the roster

Everybody all smiles for Yellow Cab pizza

Everybody was all smiles when Yellow Cab came. Promises of “I’ll exercise tomorrow” and “I’ll skip on breakfast and lunch” were heard between munches.


Photos from the day of the show, but not the actual show just yet:

La Vita Vanita - House of Vanita show

La Vita Vanita - House of Vanita show

hungry blogger-models

Don’t be fooled by those smiling faces. They’re all hungry.

Skinny Henzel with a cheeky grin

Henzel, this super slim long-legged girlie, really does love to smile

Hannah getting her hair done

Hannah getting her hair done

Vicky getting her hair done, too

And then Vicky. By the way, that is her natural skin color. I’m envious!

Literally behind the curtains

Literally behind the curtains

Mine and Aby's rack

Mine and Aby’s dress rack.  That’s mine on the right, and those by the window were the bubbles we used as props.

Getting my own hair and make-up done

Getting my own hair and make-up done by Ana Isip.  She’s gonna give birth this month!  And she’s so chic.

Wondering where all the “good photos” have gone?  There’s a locked album in Facebook, and then there are the other bloggers who have posted about the photos.  Sorry I can’t post them right here! ^^;

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