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Yes, yes, more styling work up ahead!

Any fashion and beauty blogger worth her salt knows what is by now.  In case you don’t, I’d be happy to enlighten you.  Most people know that is an online shopping destination for premium fashion and beauty finds.  What you may not know just yet is how it’s distinguished from the rest of the existing online shops here in the Philippines: it’s the first, and so far, the only shopping site for curated finds. features products that are beautiful and unique; some from well-known brands and some from indie brands that have cult followings or not easily found.  It also features a lot of fabulous creations from local designers and artists, which is what I love most about it.  So yes, it’s no longer just about beauty products and fashion, though it did start with those. has the categories art, jewelry, home & design, eco-friendly, apparel, food & dining, health & wellness, personal styling, even photography.

(As a side note, also recently made waves for being one of the groups responsible for The New Glorietta Vibe and Philippines’ breaking the world record for most number of models on a catwalk.)

But in this collaboration, returns to its roots once more.  PMAP (Professional Models Association Philippines) is celebrating its 25th year–though I must admit I’m a bit confused, as I thought that was last year, when they co-hosted The First Philippine Fashion Ball., meanwhile, is launching their private label called AVA & EVE.  These two got together, I was asked to style, and this is the result.


PMAP's Ana Sideco for's AVA & Eve

Ana Sideco of PMAP (she also blogs at The Unglamorous Model).  Here she is wearing The Bund scarf and Opera Garnier bag, both from AVA & EVE.

PMAP's Dindi de Leon for's AVA & Eve

Dindi de Leon wearing the Shanghai scarf, also from AVA & EVE

PMAP's Dindi de Leon, Ana Sideco, Marco Lobregat, Phoemela Baranda

Dindi de Leon, Marco Lobregat, Ana Sideo and Phoemela Baranda. Notice that with the exception of Dindi, the rest of the PMAP models were wearing their initials! How cool is that?  (Well actually…I got the idea from Ana. Or she insisted. HAHA)

I’m so grateful to Nio Manzano, again, for helping me out during this shoot and to Roland Lirio who graciously allowed us to pull-out several items from his most recent collection (which is one of my favorites among those showcased at Philippine Fashion Week S/S 2013).  I always love working with Nio, he’s fantastic, resourceful, creative, reliable…even though he makes fun of my height when he took this photo:

Alex Lapa and Ana Sideco

I was wearing 5″ heels and yet…Ana and I are the same height. Actually, even then, she was still taller than me. Hmpf.

PMAP models for

Behind the scenes!


Photography: Sara Black / Make-up: Ria Aquino and Yciar Castillo / Hair: Bryan Yokota and Nieves Hilaga / Styling: Alex Lapa and Nio Manzano

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