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Right now I’ve got a couple of unfinished blog entries in my drafts folder because I’ve been too busy to finish them.  But I couldn’t help sneaking this in–someone asked me a question earlier during my talk at Belle de Jour’s “Fears to Fierce: A Guide to Fashion Experimentation”.  I was already over time, so I felt that I didn’t answer her question sufficiently.


I want to dye my hair blue, but I’m afraid it will affect how prospective clients or people I work with see me.


I’m fortunate that I’m a freelancer–I handle my own time and I work in a creative industry that doesn’t really give a shiz whether I shave my hair or wear an acid green bra with a sheer black blouse.  But I have to remind myself, when people come to me for help, that most women in the workplace have to deal with “house rules” in their office or wherever/whoever it is they report to.

The girl who asked me this said she works in sales and that she does meetings with corporate types every once in a while.  And she was talking about getting her hair in a Katy Perry hue:

Katy Perry blue hair for Vogue


So firstly, if it’s not in your office handbook, then I say go for it.  Unless they specifically say “this is the list of hair colors acceptable”, then nothing’s stopping you, right?   You only have to worry about yourself, facing clients or potential clients.  And it can’t be helped–your hair will make the first impression.

The way I see it, if you have a good rep and you’re good at what you do, then you shouldn’t have major problems with it.  Your record will speak for itself.  In fact, if you’re exceptional, then your hair’s crazy hue might even be a bonus for you–you make people curious, they will stop when you talk, you’re easy to remember.

When I first had my head shaved, I made extra effort to always look sophisticated.  Even when I was only doing pull-outs.  I was always in classic jumpsuits, tailored pants and blazers and pantsuits with Balmain shoulders.  My hair could look like a punk’s but I’ve seen how Anya Ayoung-Chee is doing it–she always looked classy and chic even with her long mohawk.  So I think that’s the key if you really want to pull this off: power dress.  Look SHARP.  Make sure your hair and make-up are perfect (or as close as you can get).  Then act normal–try not to bring up the bright blue elephant in the room even if these new people you’re meeting are gaping, unless they ask about it first.  If they compliment you, just thank them.  Crazy blue hair doesn’t always mean bubblegum, unicorns and Lisa Frank.  You can still pull it off and face prospects confidently if you wear outfits like these:


Tailored pants and suit for women

Feminine Power Suits

Feminine Power Suits

Feminine Power Suits

Feminine Power Suits


If not a crazy hair color, then you’re probably thinking of getting your hair shaved/undercut.  I know that’s one of my popular search results, so you might want to hie off and read this previous post: So your kid wants to get her hair shaved.

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