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I’ve been obsessing about Anya Ayoung-Chee of Project Runway lately, and it’s not just because of the clothes she churns out or the ones she wears (I love almost everything that she makes and I want her wardrobe).  It’s her hair.

Anya Ayoung-Chee

Anya Ayoung-Chee hair

Shaving my hair off has crossed my mind a few times in the past, but it wasn’t really after watching her on Project Runway did I seriously contemplate it.  Well that and meeting Macky Angeles, for sure.

I mean, there’s only so much I can do to my hair.  Earlier this year, what I was really planning to do was go crazy blonde.  But after my recent scare with hair coloring and other product abuse, I decided I didn’t want to destroy my hair with chemical overdose.  And besides, I colored my hair because that was the only way I could change its look without straightening or cutting it short (which would look horrendous on me and would be hard to manage).  Thus, I thought about shaving parts of my head.  And after seeing Anya, with her coloring, small face and build, I thought–”Wow. Maybe that could work for me, too.” Granted, we don’t have the exact same hair.  Hers is only a little wavy while mine is “curlier than wavy and wavier than curly”. But it just might work!

There’s just a fly in my ointment. Several, actually.  Why I’m hesitant to shave my head:

1. I want to sort of look normal in case I have to attend high school reunion this year. But that’s really just a matter of doing it after the said reunion, so this is not really a big deal.  I just thought I’d throw it in.

2. Every time someone says they like my hair so much, I feel kind of guilty when I think about having it shaved. What can I say? I’m a people-pleaser sometimes. And I like compliments as much as the next person! And one of the most often-complimented part of my physical appearance is my hair. I always get asked if it’s natural.  I think if I shave it, I’ll have to endure endless rounds of “Sayang naman buhok mo!” until it grows back. And who knows how long that will take!

3. My hair tends to naturally curl. If I’m looking for a really edgy haircut, won’t the sweet, weedle curling at the ends that my hair tends to do sort of defeat the purpose?

This is how my hair looks, unwashed, in the morning

4. I’m not sure how the shaved part will grow back.  My dad has a ‘fro.  Although I think I inherited my mom’s wavy-curly hair, what if it decides to follow my dad’s genes growing back?  I always joked that I’d probably look like Justin Timberlake circa 98 during his boyband days if I ever decide to fully shave off my hair and then let it grow back, but what if that’s actually true? *shudder*  Also, what if it’s like body hair that when you shave, it’s going to grow back thicker and less soft?

5. Last, and most important, possibly the only real reason why I still haven’t pushed through with it: I hate my scalp.  As much as I like Anya’s look, I’m not sure I can rock exposing my own scalp to the general public. I have a moody scalp!  When I’m stressed or the weather is weird, it’s dry or flaky or I sometimes get little irritations, and that’s like most of the time!  Organic shampoo helps a little but doesn’t eliminate the problem.  And shaving my hair off is not a solution–I’ve seen bald guys with dandruff before, and trust me, it ain’t pretty.

Anya's hair from the side
Anya’s hair from the side

But whenever I watch Project Runway and see Anya (who, I’ve recently found out, was Ms. Trinidad and Tobago-Universe 2008), I’m just mesmerized with her hair.  And its movement.  I just keep staring at it, it looks great!  There are some definite pros I imagine that come with this hairstyle:

1. Less pervs will accost me. Well I don’t know that for sure, but I assume most guys, especially guys that I don’t like, want long, flirty hair on girls, probably ala Anne Curtis. The only guy whose opinion I care about is in Vancouver, Canada right now and I already have his permission to go about as I please with whatever haircut I fancy.

2. It’s cool. As in literally. And in the Philippines, that’d be a great boon!

3. With this haircut, I don’t have to do much styling. I think.  Every thing I put on will all look badass!

4. I’ve never done it before.  If you look at my photos from childhood up to now, little has changed about my hair.  I had it short, I had a fringe, I had it colored–but in terms of style, apart from that one time I had it cut it Halle Berry circa 2000 short, nothing has changed.  I look the same every year.   Sure, maybe shaving it may not be the most photogenic I’ll ever be, but I’d prefer to look at some photos when I can actually say “Oh, that time was different. I went crazy.” So who cares if it may not be cool 20 years from now? At least it’s a change of scene.

5. It was never really about the issue of looking pretty, but it’s about change. I mean, it’s just hair. It grows back. Why not have fun and experiment while I’m still young?


Well?  What do you think?

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