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I know adidas has pretty much sold me on their running shoes, being lightweight and well, brightly colored, but right now I’ve got my eye on things adidas apart from their shoes:

adidas core feminine


Yeah I know I’m in dire need of more feminine bags, but right now, I’m all for function and streamlined design.  Especially that airline bag!  It looks so handy–I know I need something more like that since my reliable bring-everywhere slingbag is getting worn out.  It has lots of compartments, too, which is my weakness in bags.

adidas airline bag


That pair of unabashedly candy-colored sneaks are pretty much my style, too.  I just remembered this morning, I put on my ClimaCool rides because I planned on walking a long distance despite the heat outside and Noel commented I was looking very Sporty Spice. HAHA.  I still wore my heels later in the evening at Freeway’s event.


adidas street elation shoes

This color is actually more my style than the pink one, because aqua is one of my favorite hues.  As for the backpack, I’m not really a backpack person and I haven’t had one since high school, apart from my hiking bag.   But I had to use one this weekend when Pao scolded me about not using a backpack for lugging around fashion magazines that I use as pegs for shoots.  Well, I must admit the idea didn’t occur to me until he brought it up!  I had to borrow one from my roommate the next day.

So yeah, lesson learned: you need a backpack every now and then to save you from shoulder aches.

adidas street backpack

I think I like this design better, though (go compartments!):

adidas skate L backpack

adidas skate L backpack

I usually like high-cut sneakers better than the low-cut ones, but the problem is that they’re a bother to take on and off.  Well now at least with this one you can just fool around with the zipper:

adidas Originals

adidas originals

The denim design makes it easier to dress up.  And while usually I don’t go for more subdued designs when it comes to shoes, I can actually imagine myself owning one of these.  I’ve only had one high-cut sneaks this lifetime, and I used to love them dearly until the sides split.  If I had these, I’d wear them with a cropped shirt and cut-off tee.

adidas jacket

I’m more partial to white jackets, so I included this one to feature for the month of May.  I even bought Pao a white adidas jacket for his birthday a few years ago.  Well, he usually likes this kind of blue better, so he might like this design better than the one I gave him.

evening fedora hat

I collect hats! They give life to most of the shoots that I style for.  That’s my thing lately–hats, scarves, belts, turbans.  I’m tired of using the same old accessories for layouts.  So yeah, I don’t really know if this is out in stores locally yet, but I hope it is.  This one is actually designed for evening wear, with the silver band and that elegant rendition of the adidas logo.

These are the latest offerings from adidas Originals this month, and not everything is on their website yet.  However, you can already check out these goodies (though I’m not sure about the fedora) at your local adidas stores or the following branches:

adidas originals - store branches

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