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As it happens, I’m always in Makati. Or Ayala, to be exact.  If I’m not meeting people in Greenbelt over tea and pastries, I’d be in Ayala Triangle (still in between meetings).  These are accumulated OOTDs over the past months, when I’d hang out in Ayala, Makati with friends after a day of work like pull-outs or meetings over Philippine Fashion Ball back then.

Because I’d walk around a lot during those days, I’d often wear Ferretti.  Actually, I’m wearing Ferretti for all three outfits!

Ayala Museum

Shirt (my favorite!): Oxygen / Mustard shorts with leopard belt: Simply Felice / Bag: CLN / Necklaces: Ferretti / Shoes: Ferretti

Oxygen shirt sleeve

I love this top so much I didn’t even notice I got a size M.  Oxygen is fab!

Ferretti accessories
The shorts are from Ferretti’s sister company, Simply Felice. They were too big for me, but I liked the color so much and it was the only size available (M again) so I got it anyway.

in Ayala Triangle again

Top: Simply Felice / High-waisted shorts: ganked from my sister / Shoes: Ferretti /Accessories: Simply Felice

Don’t I look happy? It’s because when this was taken, CBD had this buy 2 take 1 promo on their cheesesteaks. Yummmmmm.

inside CBD in Ayala Triangle

My hair is so bushy!

Headphones: Hedkandi / Necklace: Ferretti / Shoes: Ferretti / Denim top: My mom’s!

This was also in Ayala Triangle. On my way to CBD (see, it’s really my favorite place to pig out there, cos it’s never crowded, and I love the cheesesteak!), I picked up what seemed like a love letter left on the ground.

Love letter

Or maybe someone was being all emo and was trying to write a song. (Sorry if I published your work, Mr/Ms Anonymous)

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