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As I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, I shuttle back and forth between two places all the time–one is my hometown in Las Piñas and the other is a condo I share with a roomie in Mandaluyong.  Because I’m never sure where I’ll be staying until I confirm all my activities for the week, I try to make it so that whenever I decide to stay in one city or the other, I won’t be inconvenienced by lack of essentials in either places.

That’s why I have one set of skincare products left at home and another set of products at the condo (where I am most days, due to work demands).  Both sets were practically the same, at first, but since it’s impossible to finish them at the same time, I usually end up replacing one from a set with a new product I’ve lined up to try.  So now, they’re both quite different from each other–but at least this way, I can pick out ones which I like best and stick with what works.

Here’s a quick comparative review of the skincare products I’m currently using:

Set 1
Set 1:
Cleanser: Human Nature Facial Wash with Tomato and Lemongrass
Make-up remover: Human Nature Cleanser and Make-up remover
Toner: Human Nature Natural Toner with Tomato and Lemongrass.
Moisturizer: Human Nature Night Moisturizer with Royal Jelly and Aloe Vera
Eye Treatment: Eye Gel from Saizen

Set 2
Set 2:
Cleanser: Celeteque Facial Wash (not in the photo cos stupid me forgot)
Make-up remover: Human Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil
Toner: Human Nature Orange & Elemi with Sugar Beet
Moisturizer: Celeteque
Eye Treatment: Skin Hour Revitaleyes and Garnier Light


Human Nature’s Tomato and Lemongrass Facial Wash. I am a regular at Human Nature’s online shop, and when I saw that they had a facial wash for oily and combination skin, I picked it up.  I’ve never used a separate cleanser from my make-up remover before, as I used to be loyal to Cetaphil.  I loved Cetaphil, but I’m trying to find an organic alternative for cleansing.  I suppose HN’s Tomato and Lemongrass facial wash does an okay job, but it stings whenever it gets into my eyes.  Let me tell you just now, that’s an inevitable occurrence for me, so I always avoid products that hurt my eyes.

Celeteque Facial Wash. This is supposedly formulated for sensitive skin, and it’s touted to be hypo-allergenic and non-comedogenic which is just a fancy way of saying the product doesn’t clog the pores.  I like how gentle it cleans.  I always still use a make-up remover regardless of whether I use a facial wash or not, but I like the fact that this cuts the job in half.  It cleans up the rest of my face and mostly I only have to use the make-up remover on my eyes (for mascara and eye liner).

Verdict: Celeteque Facial Wash is the better cleanser here, which is a shame because I really want to shift to a wholly organic skin care regimen.  To be honest, though, I still haven’t found anything that works as well as Cetaphil (which is a cleanser and a make-up remover in one) and I just might switch back to that one if I still haven’t found the best organic alternative.

Make-up removers:

Human Nature Cleanser and Make-up Remover. I always have different experiences with this make-up remover.  My first bottle started to smell (a bit like stale food–not rotten, just stale) when I lost its cap, which I find weird because it’s a pump bottle.  It never happened to my second bottle when I lost the cap again for some time–but then whenever I use it to clean eye make-up, it would sting, even before it gets into my eyes! The sensation was warm, but uncomfortably so, and I’ve limited my use of it.  This never happened with my first bottle, so I don’t know what went wrong there.  Also, it takes several swipes for me to get rid of mascara and eyeliner as compared to other make-up removers I’ve tried like Shu Uemura cleansing oil, baby oil, Vaseline and Cetaphil.

Human Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil. It’s an all-around beauty oil which can be used as a moisturizer for the face and body and for lightening dark spots and the under eye area.  I didn’t notice anything the first time I used it, but several people commented that I looked different–glowing even (kind of like my experience with Burt’s Bees radiance serum).  Since this was the only change in routine I did apart from a foot patch I used the night before, this might have made the difference.  I don’t regularly use it as a moisturizer during the day, though, since it’s still oil and I don’t trust it to be light enough for my oily-combination skin.  But I use it for the dry areas on my face like the sides of my nose and lips.  Sometimes I use it on my elbows, dry, rough patches on my foot and under my eyes.  The oil is a bit dry compared to the usual like baby oil or make-up remover oil, which makes it harder to spread, but it does the job quite well.

Verdict: Human Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil wins this one–I don’t think I’ll ever purchase their cleanser and make-up remover again.  I also love that the beauty oil has so many uses.  I’m tempted to buy their sunflower oil make-up remover and see if there’s a difference between the products, but I don’t know if it’s a versatile as the beauty oil.


Human Nature Natural Toner Tomato & Lemongrass. I bought this one since it’s recommended for oily combination skin.  You can really smell the ingredients in this, and it might take a while to get used to at first.  I didn’t notice much of a difference from other toners I’ve used in the past, then again I have a really hard time reviewing toners because I don’t feel the difference whether I forget to use them or not.

Human Nature Balancing Facial Toner Orange and Elemi with Sugar Beet. This is now the new toner for oily combination skin from Human (Heart) Nature.  I like the cool feeling that lingers after use, and the smell has definitely improved.

Verdict: I like the new formulation better than the old one, which is out of production now.  But I’ll still look for other brands to try.  Since I just finished my bottle, I’ve gone back to All Organics Lemongrass Toner which I love but only because my face feels fresh, clean and cool after use, and not because I’ve noticed how well they handle the oil my face produces.  Make-up artist Rae Venturanza recommends Clinique Toner, though, as she insists it’s the best she’s ever tried on any type of skin, so I just might get that one when my other toner runs out.


Human Nature Night Moisturizer with Royal Jelly and Aloe Vera. I’ve already reviewed this quite recently, and if you’ve read that, you’ll know this is my favorite moisturizer.  In fact, I consider it one of my best and essential beauty finds last year.  I wake up to non-oily and uber soft skin in the morning.  Add that to the fact that it’s organic AND inexpensive, and you’ve got yourself a keeper.

Celeteque Moisturizer (used at night).  This is one of the lightest moisturizers I’ve encountered and I like that it’s water-based.  It’s easily absorbed by the skin, which is why it can be used for both night and day.  I used to wear tinted moisturizer all the time, and I couldn’t very well use that for night, so this was my best option until I found HN’s Royal Jelly night moisturizer.  It’s a pretty good alternative.

Skin Hour Mattifying Day Cream. I’ve already reviewed this in the past.  This day cream also doubles as a make-up base.  As a mattifying cream, I found it lacking since I still oil, a lot, with this.  But this might be due to the fact that I used liquid moisturizer all the time on my oily combination face.  As a moisturizer and primer, it’s pretty good.

Verdict: I’m hoarding Human Nature’s night moisturizer.  As for my day cream, I like Skin Hour because it supposedly protects from UVA/UVB.  But since it’s not really indicated in the packaging, I may well be kidding myself.  I’ve since switched to Leyende’s Face Canvas, and I’ll see how it compares so far.  I guess I can always buy a different mattifier like Mary Kay’s since I was so impressed with that when I tested it.

Eye Treatments:


Eye Gel from Saizen.  Bought this on a whim when I was writing an article about the beauty finds in Saizen for The POC.  It’s pretty light and absorbent and not bad for P85.  It does de-puff the eyes in the morning, but I also find my eyes a bit crusty then.  Which doesn’t happen with…

Skin Hour Revitaleyes. For P50 it’s a very good deal!  It provides a thick balm for the undereye area which helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles.  I’ve been using this for the past 2 years and I guess it does a pretty good job since I don’t have wrinkles around the eyes yet.  The consistency might take a while to get used, to though.

Garnier Light.  I can’t check for sure if it has lightened my undereye area since mine aren’t very dark.  However, when I’m tired I do notice how my under eyes look the same way.  I’d like to think the caffeine in this product helps pep up my peepers!  They’re oh-so-cool when applied, which I just love. However, I tried using it after some late night work and in the morning I still had those puffy eyes.

Verdict: I’m sticking to Skin Hour’s Revitaleyes because it’s organic, cheap and works, but I don’t mind buying Garnier Light again.  I can apply it in the morning because it’s application is easy as pie, being a roll-on and fast absorbent.  In fact, I can apply it any time I want to, the cooling sensation is quite addicting (try popping it in the fridge for extra coolness before use).  Revitaleyes is strictly for night use only because it’s so thick.  I think it’s for a more intense treatment without the crustiness in the morning.  I like using it over Garnier at night, so I think I’ll continue using both.

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