The Reluctant Stylista

I’ve long planned on doing reviews of my skincare products, and now they’ve all caught up on me.  I took this picture below a few days ago, and these are the newest ones…that is, until yesterday, because I attended Watson’s 2011 Beauty Lab and now I have another bag of beauty loot I have yet to test drive.  But photos and write-ups of that one will be in a separate post.

At least with this preview, some of you readers might be curious enough to badger me to write about them already.  Haha!

Preview of products to come

All Organics Lemon Grass Toner, All Organics Rose hip cream, Leyende Face Canvas, Leyende A Place in the Sun, Charm Holiday make-up brushes, Prestige Wet/Dry Foundation, Prestige Bronzer, Garnier Brightening Eye Roll On, Human Nature Love Minerals tinted lip balm, Nyx Round Lipsticks: Louisiana, Fig, Tea Rose.

I’m actually still planning on writing a comparison review of two skincare routines I use (which are different products from the ones above), as I have different products when I go home to BF Las Piñas and a different set when I stay at our condo in Mandaluyong.  That way, I don’t have to lug all my stuff with me when I shuttle back and forth, and since I usually stay put for about a week or so before I hie off, I can already tell which ones are my favorites.  So when I run out of something, I’ll replace it with whatever I think is better.

Methinks I’m turning into a beauty blogger.  I ought to dig through my fashion photos and behind the scenes shoots soon, but they’re so much more difficult to edit out so I keep procrastinating.  Plus, I’m not allowed to publish some of them yet.

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