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The past two months have been a flurry of activities for me, hence the significant lack of updates.  Who thought dressing a single celebrity would take up so much time?  But as I settle into a routine of some sort (since every now and then I still encounter surprises), it’s getting less stressful.  I think.  I’m getting the hang of it.  Hopefully, designers I harangue on a regular basis have not blacklisted me yet from their phones.  I am grateful for the likes of Jerome Salaya Ang, Chris Diaz, Joel Escober, Enrico Carado and many more I am about to meet.

I don’t have much in the way of stories this time, so this is more of a photo post of random things backstage and the dressing room.

Channel and Prada


Don’t you wish you had these shoes, too?

going inside dressing rooms

behind the fitting rooms!

I’ve developed a system in window shopping for a client.  I pick out ones that seem promising, take them inside the fitting room and then take photos.  If the fitting room is small, I wear the clothes and take a photo of myself in the mirror.  At the end of the day, after going through all the photos, I come back for the best ones to buy or have them reserved.

Shoppers tips:

Best high street brand for design, quality and price: Zara
(I’ve been in and out of Zara, Topshop, Mango, Promod and Warehouse often enough that I can tell which has the most bang for buck.  Well, Foever21 is still cheaper of course, but you still have to dig through the glitter and tweeny stuff,)

Best mall for marathon sourcing so far:
(Megamall has the best stock, surprisingly. There are less people here browsing the high-street labels compared to those in Greenbelt. Plus, all the good stuff are close to each other.)

Best work outfit: black trench coat and sturdy high heels
(The trench coat does a good job of making anything look chic and polished.  So does the high heels.  But I need them a bit chunky so I can survive a day of shopping and mall-hopping.  This is the best work outfit because I get good treatment from boutiques when I need to reserve or pull-out, or bring a lot inside the fitting room)

Celeste Tuviera works her magic

After laughing her ass off at Darla’s haircut, THE Celeste Tuviera insisted on fixing her bangs inside KC’s dressing room…except we only had paper/cloth scissors at the time, which we use for cutting thread and fabric.

on the set of Star Circle Quest Kids

I have to give it to her…the lady really loves kids, and they love her.  When there are children around, she literally lights up.  I’m amazed, because I’m not very patient with children myself.  Especially those that come in packs.

creations from Jerome Salaya Ang and Joel Escober

survival kit

Survival kit.  And don’t forget the gravy.  Lots of it.

the VIP room

KC and PJ

don't forget to party

At the end of the day, learn to relax.  Actually, I don’t have much occasion to have nights out, sometimes I just want to get a really good sleep.  But here I was able to attend a college class reunion–these guys are different from my first college barkada back in DLSU.  I transferred colleges in third year, but in second year I was in a different class because my specialization was also different from my other COMSCI buddies.  Those peeps above are those classmates in second year.  They are some of the friendliest and most outgoing bunch–I was worried about not having much to say to them because honestly, I often kept to myself back then.  I never went to our class activities and chose to spend time with my original college barkada more than my specialization class so we didn’t really get much bonding time.  But boy, do these guys know how to have fun.  There’s no shyness apparent as far as I can detect and it was like I’ve always been with them after all these years.

And at least with this bunch I don’t have to struggle explaining what I’m currently doing.  They know about my blog and most of what I do for work.  The funny part is how they kept teasing me about being a big shot when I’m anything but.  Remember: styling isn’t always so glamorous!

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