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I don’t really watch America’s Next Top Model, but I do check it out sometimes when I channel surf (and that in itself is rare, as I’d rather be online than watch TV). So apparently, in ANTM cycle 16, they used Michael Cinco’s clothes for the shoot.

America's Next Top Model Cycle 16 featuring Michael Cinco

Photo from Read the article here.

Do you know what this is?

Michael Cinco cape

No, John and I weren’t airing the bedsheets or anything. We were actually steaming this huge voluminous cape and I can tell you it took us around an hour to get it all fixed.

Michael Cinco cape

It was definitely a two person job, there was so much fabric.

Actually, at the time of the fitting for Michael Cinco’s show, I wasn’t aware I was going to the fitting.  I was just asked by Boss Noel to meet him in Shangri-La hotel where we would be discussing clothes line-up for a client.  Thankfully, I dressed comfortably.  I was feeling a very 70s vibe that day, and I really loved these pants I got from Oxygen.  They’re so light and comfortable!  This is the second outfit post I have wearing them.  I kind of want to go back to the store and buy 2 more pairs, they’re that great.

Michael Cinco fitting day

Ring: Manila FAME / Top: Anne Klein (thanks Krispiberks!) / Pants and bag: Oxygen / Belt: from my mom’s closet

Michael Cinco fitting day
Got the bag from Oxygen, too.  We were invited to an unveiling of the brand’s newest collection when I saw this.  I didn’t grab it at first, because I wanted to look around the whole store and see if there’s anything else I’d like. When I went back for it, I couldn’t find it anymore because someone got to it first! Luckily, he suggested I ask at the counter if there was another stock available (and he didn’t mind having a bag twin) so here it is!  I’ve been looking for that perfect androgynous work bag for ages.  It’s got plenty of space, too.

Michael Cinco fitting day

Michael Cinco fitting day

Sorry I looked like that. I discovered recently that I can’t smile properly without showing teeth.  The corners of my lips just don’t turn up, so it looks like a straight line.  In this case, though, I don’t I was prepared for the shot to be taken so it looks like I’m stopping myself from laughing.

Thanks Nio for the photos! You guys ought to drop by his blog if you want to see more behind the scenes of the fitting for Michael Cinco’s show at the Red Cross Ball.  You need to see the fantastic details of the dresses!

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